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  1. Dominic Monaghan

    Me, me, me! - I'll take him home!!! He was really lovely and I felt he seemed like he actually wanted to be there. He was really chatty during the photoshoot which I thought was fairly unusual considering how popular he is. He was also really sweet at the signing and personalised my thing even tho he wasnt meant to. And even when I was walking away he kept saying stuff to me randomly lol. He's definitely a lovely guy =o) Hopefully will meet him again at some point
  2. my photo finally arrived today - Thanks SM! My hair is a bit sticky uppy and my smile is weird as I barely had time to slap it on but I'm really happy with it!!!
  3. Dom Monaghan......

    Dom Monaghan should definitely be brought back - he was one of the loveliest guests I've ever met!! Elijah Wood was pretty nice too and I'd love to meet Billy Boyd... It would definitely be great to meet all four hobbits at the same time! Maybe it could be a secret event too with limited people
  4. I think showmasters deserve our hats off to them - if I was running the show and read some of the criticisms, I'd turn around and say I'm never putting one on again! And it's really fab that they listen to suggestions and act upon the good ones too Keep up the good work guys
  5. Official Photographer

    I had a problem with my photo - it's too close and off-centre. And there is a shadow of Dom on the blue wall. However - when I spoke to a staff member at the event, she said that it was a result of poor editing (not poor photography) and that she'll make it better and email/post the file/picture to me. If the image comes back and it's still too close then that will be because the framing wasn't good at the time the photograph was taken. I appreciate that the photographer had little time to take these images in BUT we are effectively paying about 9x (or more) the development cost and so a few extra seconds of care should be taken. When I take portrait images (I'm a trainee photographer), it takes me no more than three-five seconds to frame an image. Once that has been taken care of properly, everything else can be photoshopped to perfection. If original images are poorly framed etc, then responsibility does go back to the photographer - at the end of the day, many photographers work under immense pressure (I know of some who have to deal with a lot worse than LFCC - they don't have their image set up with a backdrop and markers on the floor!) and the mark of a good photographer is someone who keeps their high quality of photography maintained. I'm not judging the photographer on the day at all because, as I said, the photographs may be fine, it could just be poor editing, but if there are large errors in the initial photograph then it may be worth thinking of ways to overcome effecting issues, such as time and ticket limitations etc.
  6. LF&CC Feedback

    It's understandable that huge events like this with A-list to z-list celebs is always never going to go quite to plan. However, I do think a number of aspects could have been changed to insure it ran a little smoother: 1) a tannoy system or a large chalk board (etc) which is loud/large/high enough for all to see so that people know what number the VQs are up to. -This would prevent the crush of people who couldn't see the miniscule boards, it would reduce the number of questions asked of the staff and especially as all the A-listers were put in one area, it may reduce the general chaos around there. 2) Queue dividers so that people can see where they need to be standing and so the queues are easily identifiable and seperate from one another. -If there is a guided area, this could reduce the amount of people walking around trying to find where they need to be. Also, it will take away problems such as blocking the cloakroom for the photo sessions. 3) Don't oversell tickets!!! -Hypotheses can be made as to the rate of people which can get through each photo session in the time given (taking into consideration how chatty the stars are). I got through the Dom shoot in about half hour and that involved a steady flow of people and he still chatted and was friendly! The Heroes shoot took over an hour, Milo and Adrian looked uncomfortable and they barely had time to breathe let alone chat (though Milo tried, bless him!) 4) Don't stress!!! -to everyone. The photographer looked like he'd rather shoot people with a rifle rather than a camera which appeared to make it uncomfortable for everyone, including the stars and staff. The staff were getting stressed and ratty and members of the general public were getting angry, annoyed etc. If people chilled out a bit more, half the problems would go away. At the end of the day, these "stars" are ordinary people like the rest of us and I'm sure they will always turn up at other conventions. If there are particular ones you wish to see, prioritise and as long as you see them, that's all that matters. If you can't see your second or third favourite, it's not the end of the world. 5) Surely there should be priority for those who pre-order tickets for the photo shoots?? (not necessarily for the early bird though). -i.e. if gold passes go through first, then pre-order, then the rest, this will reduce the crush of people and it should get through everyone (providing tickets haven't been over-sold in the first place). I think there are so many simple adjustments which can be made which will make the day far more enjoyable for everyone. I got to see everyone I wanted but only be the chance of meeting people with spare tickets. Other times I was constantly being crushed and sufocated (being small). Oh and one more point: 6) Those giving talks should be on a mini stage or some sort of raised platform so that ALL can see them no matter where they are sat (I'm sure there was a platform for last year's Lost talk!) HOWEVER, considering that LFCC is such a huge event and the majority of staff are volunteers, they have to be saluted. Although this was possible more chaotic than other events (with a worse location etc etc), the staff did the best they could. AND REMEMBER, staff and stars alike are normal people like us! They can only answer one question at a time, 1 against 100 means they have little control, their hands do get tired and their hand-writing sloppy, they do get tired during the photoshoots ( they have to stand far longer than it takes for us to get through that huge queue!) And if you aren't happy with something then ASK! I wasn't happy with one of my photos and they were more than keen to put the bad-editing to right. By the time I got to see my favourite guest, they had all stopped personalising, but I asked and he made an exception. There is no harm in pointing out errors or wanting your moneys worth - just go about it in a nice way and people are more than not always happy to help If you've read this far I take my hat off to you! I do ramble on at the best of times
  7. The Talks generally ....

    I think the idea of having a mic stand was better than having staff walk around with mics - there's less confusion and it seemed like they got through more questions that way... I did feel sorry for William but I suppose people are more interested in Dom... The only thing that I didn't like was that last year the talks were on a raised platform so that no matter where you were sat, you could still see what was going on - this year, although I was farely near the front, I couldn't see much for the couple of rows in front of me.
  8. Dominic Monaghan

    Guys, remember these people are human like the rest of us ) Though, to be fair, the guests do choose to be there and are probably not the worse off money-wise for it... but it's not his fault if his hand writing isn't that legible! lol
  9. its dark

    it was dark at first but i sort of got used to it... funny though because my digi cam took brilliant photos without the flash...and when the flash was on it looked like it wasnt needed .... strange
  10. While will the Adrian & Milo photo's be ready...?

    They are putting all the images on the website because a lot of people haven't given great descriptions of themselves.... that should be done over the next couple of weeks however, they did say that if we still wanted to we could fill in a form and they may be able to match descriptions with photos.... (the forms were probably just to make people feel a bit better about leaving their photos behind =o) )
  11. Sunday

    tbh, at most events the tickets are oversold... As far as sympathising with the guests go, i do have much sympathy and appreciate them taking the time out, but at the same time i remember their pay-packet and at teh end of the day it is their choice to do these events! Plus the fact that people are all over them, who wouldn't want that for a day?! As far as "slating" goes, i think the only thing that isn't right is when the guests are moody or ignore you or whatever... again, they chose to be there and we are paying money for a biro squiggle (not that im complaining). However, with Hayden there today, her being only a little bit older than me, it did feel weird! I was able to relate more with her situation as she's my age and it sort of made me think "she's only a girl like me" (and the rest of the teenage population...) good day tho
  12. I don't mind waiting for the photo - especially as they said they would be putting it on the LFCC website over the next couple of weeks so people can confirm which is theirs... but the photographer was quite scary!! He yelled for more customers to come in as it was my turn and was barking orders left right and centre. The boys didnt look very smiley but Milo asked how I was - the photographer gave me no time to even acknowledge him, let alone reply. Hopefully the pic will come back half decent - my hands were on my stomach, i didnt have time to put them anywhere else lol
  13. I cant decide!

    I had a lot of fun today and I saw everyone I wanted to see... in the end. But I have to agree - it seemed a lot more chaotic this year and the venue wasn't as nice at all. Granted, last years lights were orange but it made it seem a bit more warmer as opposed to the dim lighting today. In some ways, the 'manicness' sort of takes the fun out of it because it's so stressful at times - especially when you're quite small and keep getting trampled by very tall people who never look down! However, on the plus side, the majority of the guests were a lot friendlier and more chatty than I've experienced before and spent more time with each person - the eye of the storm.
  14. Dominic Monaghan

    I thought Dom was absolutely lovely - a lot friendlier than I expected! I saw him first for the photo shoot and unlike other hobbits I've met, he was standing and very interactive! Unfortunately, I saw him for an autograph towards the end of the day and he'd stopped doing personalisations.... BUT I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing one for me as my name isn't exactly the longest in the world and he did!! He told me as I was about to walk away: those who don't ask don't get And it is SO true. Normally I'm too shy to ask but this one paid off (I didn't ask Adrian from Heroes to personalise it) He's still definitely my favourite hobbit =oD