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  1. Great Guest but way too expensive for my tastes
  2. Be first year not buying a Gold Pass price is getting too expensive would be over £400 with Hotel before paying for any guests
  3. Hope the times for Maya Stojan and Julie Benz are earlier on the Sat than at Amsterdam 5-15pm and 5-45pm only 2 shoots i have if that late at Bournemouth wont bother turning up till 4-30pm
  4. Was wondering when this was going to happen as cancelled a couple in states around same time so was expecting this
  5. Glad I managed to catch Jessica earlier in the year as thought might happen. not looking too good for this show
  6. Is it just me but with only 15 Weeks to go there is about 100 Guests less than Last Year Considering it is suppose to be the Biggest Yet I am not feeling too optimistic.
  7. Got a feeling Gold Passes will be over £300 as extra day next year.
  8. Can not use excel due to exclusive rights by another company
  9. Can anyone beat 29 did not think i ordered that many times
  10. I dont beleive it 19 photoshoots on Saturday and not one clash
  11. I think with how big it is this Year it will be taking over all of Olympia
  12. In previous shows i have rarely seen all the Gold Pass holders seats taken up and dont forget you need to buy Talk Tickets for the Big Guests so will put a few off
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