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  1. Our Sister, who has Spina bifida, doesn't look disabled, & is constantly getting "looks" from other people, so being told not to worry about it is another stab in the back. As non disabled, you may think this is petty for us to worry, but when there are constant problems, like no seats at concerts etc, you start to get annoyed. We have no problem with you, as you have helped us out in the past, it's the general public who judge our Sister.
  2. Except you can't get to see anybody till your at the front of the queue. Sorry looks like you won't Cheers for the advice gebes/sindel , we shall give it a bash
  3. Yes, every year we have been the queues have been very long, & there may be seats outside, but not in the queue!!! We have to travel from Perth, so want as much time IN the event as possible! & the queue is TOO long for my sister, who has Spina bifida, so, "Tickets please!!"
  4. I have gone onto the website a few times to pre order tickets for the Glasgow event, but it's STILL not coming up on the online store. When can I buy the tickets? Due to my sister being disabled, it's much easier to pre buy. When can we do this?!?
  5. Tried to search the FAQ, & can't find how to upload. I keep getting, "The requested file upload failed because suitable permissions have not been enabled on the 'uploads' directory" & to contact a member of staff. This is both when uploading on posts & for my profile pic. HELP!!!
  6. Wendy & I really enjoyed ourselves. We took lots of photos, but I can't seem to work out how to put them onto here as it keeps coming up with "The requested file upload failed because suitable permissions have not been enabled on the 'uploads' directory" when I try!!! So will put them onto my MySpace site at some point, http://www.myspace.com/emfullagar . I prob won't be able to make the one in December, as will be training for Afghanistan, but Wendy will be there. Thanks again for a great weekend!!! Em
  7. Forum Name - EmWendy Real Name - Em & Wendy Age/Location - 33 & 34, Perth Did you go to Eclipse 1? Yes If yes, who was your favourite guest? David Anders Most wanted guest for Eclipse 2? Masi Oka Hotel? (Park Inn, Ibis etc) - Park Inn (was Ibis at last one) Facebook/MySpace etc - Em Fullagar, Wendy McIntyre/ http://www.myspace.com/emfullagar / http://emfullagar.blogspot.com/ Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? The Saw movies Favourite Other TV Show? Dexter, Criminal Minds, Prison Break, Lost Favourite Music? Muse, Lost Prophets, Lacuna Coil, Iron Maiden Anything else we need to know Em is going to Afghanistan next year
  8. John Barrowman Blake 7 cast Monty Python cast Paul McGillion Amber Benson Julie Benz Micheal C Hall Henry Cusack John Saxon V cast The South Park crew Family Guy cast Hero's cast Lost cast Lord of The Rings cast
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