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  1. *having complete breakdown* HOYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone loves him!!! I'm going to declare my love to him RIGHT TO HIS FACE!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!
  2. GREAT NEWS! He's awesome! I hope we have a party with decent music at Roadhouse. I want classic rock, enough of this awful Euro pop and con songs! Roadhouse characters = awesome music. Let it be done!
  3. Only 2 votes (inc mine) for 'Inception'??? Are you people nuts??!
  4. Oh, you can reply to forum posts, but not texts eh? Rude
  5. After having Michael Emerson taken from us.... *has a flashback* ... oh god, Ben Linus ... .....so close. We were so close ... ANYWAY, I would be so happy to have another Lost show! Me and some mates had a Lost finale party where we came dressed as characters, had goody bags and played games. Lost can be the most fun show ever, so a con would STILL work!! Purrrrlease?????
  6. Great guest! Awesome line-up so far! I see that Stephanie is in the new Sam Worthington/Keira Knightley film. I shall be picking her brain about that!
  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've all been waiting for him for ages it seems! Whoo hoo! Bring the other two to LFCC and then we can all have a nice cup of tea together
  8. Let's have her heroic on-screen daughter as well!
  9. How do we get him? I wanna meet him so bad Christa and I even took a photo of some black smoke at Download at the weekend Wait .... maybe that was him?
  10. David, you can have him IF you get his auto on a Supernatual photo. You aren't allowed a Lost one *is very very mean*
  11. Thanks so much! I've spent loads this month (new laptop, vet bills, music festival ...aaargh), and now I need to panic about getting this ticket! Damn you Massive Events!!! This is great news! I can't wait for this con
  12. He's a brilliant actor, very happy with this announcement!
  13. This is amazing!!! She's bloody awesome!! *squeals like a huge fangirl*
  14. She's going to Collectormania 16 yay!!
  15. Thanks Hannah for letting me know about this thread OMG THIS IS AMAZING. I love her so much!
  16. I would actually DIE of happiness if Rutger was announced for ANY show. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE
  17. Seriously, get him now before 'The A Team' comes out. IT MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE HIM!
  19. PLEASE GET US THIS MAN! He was so nice to us at the weekend!! I have 4 cats that I will make go hungry in order to provide Sharlto with all the cat food he needs at the show. I would save you money on feeding him SM! Oh wait ..... yeah .. no the characters in the FILM eat cat food. Ooops BRING HIM TO US! Plus, he's a member of the A Team now!
  20. Yes, it would be VERY rude! COME ON AND BRING US THE VIKING!
  21. Get him for us Massive Events!!
  22. I read your text, but was at the Baftas from midday and too cold to text back Bad Tara
  23. Milk bottles aren't enough. I think you need to next bribe him with a field of cattle.
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