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    The forum meet was so much fun. Absolutely mad, but I felt so at home with you crazy kids. Came straight from work to the City Limits. Saw Becks and Jo....Sharon and I go up to them, and before we can even say hi, James molested us with that dead thing around his neck......I refuse to call it a squirrel. It ONCE was.....but it is no longer a squirrel. Got mocked for saying I didn't really drink alcohol when I had a Smirnoff Ice in my hand. Sorry for not letting you lick my boots James.....but my father would be after you if he found that out. A mad Donegal man after a madder Dubliner. Didn't get to speak too that many people. I do remember talking to Elvis for ages. Poor love. I think I rattled on about religion, not fancying Orlando, loving Elijah A LOT, aliens, loving Elijah A LOT, food, loving Elijah A LOT............Oh god, I think he really felt my Elijah love. How nice. Thanks to Jason, Mark, James, Stef, Elvis and anyone else I had brief conversations with. I would have liked to have talked too more people, but I didn't seem to get the chance to. Also remember Dave. I believe his name was Dave. So many Dave's. Oh crap, also remember rambling about how gorgeous Dave Grohl is (when the Tribute video came on) to Elvis. If you read this, I am sorry Elvis! Thanks guys and everyone have a wonderful Christmas, Tara xxx
  2. Well, if my hard task masters (aka bosses) allow it, I'll leave work early and try and be there at 7ish. Hopefully everyone will still be there at that time! I know some other people that are going so I'll just contact them too see where you all are. I fully expect a huge nerd fest conversation on the genius that is Return of the King and I will frown upon those who haven't seen it by then Cheers, Taz xxx
  3. And the chance of Christopher Walken, Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman is? And Ralph Fiennes. He's done grrrrrrreat films. The Avengers is a universally cherished film. Of the highest standard. It is the benchmark for all these so called cult movies. Honest. Hmmmmm.........too jest or not too jest? Throw in Ed Harris and the Ribena’s are on me! Taz xx
  4. When you have a terrible day at work, it's awfully nice too come home and read: "I think there is a pretty good chance of there being some LOTR guests at LFACC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Just look at that enthusiasm! Exclamation mark galore! I didn't really have a bad day at work...........but thanks all the same. :) It's in London. I live in London. Thanks! Taz x
  5. I have to say Andy Serkis (although I've met him before) and Elijah Wood. Both are so incredibly sweet and listen completely to what you're saying. For some reason I was nervous in front of Andy, but not at all in front of Elijah. I have been waiting 10 years to meet Elijah........maybe that's why? er...... Taz xx
  6. Dum dumdum Dum hehehe And who's bloody battery was that?! *cough* Thank Christ, Dom saw it and picked it up.........I would have been screwed without that battery. My pretty little battery manhandled by The Dom. Thanks again Dom dearest! I was in the front row at the Saturday FOTR screening, next to Seanwise. What a nice boy he was! I have a bloody fantastic pic of Elijah with his Frodo standee hehehe Taz xx
  7. Hey Cheshire Cat, I met a lady from Alabama while in the queue for Andy on Monday. Was that you lot? It was myself and 2 other ladies and we were all ecstatic after having met Elijah about 3 minutes before. After we saw Andy, you (if it was you!) were all sitting outside and we came over and spoke to you for a while. If it was you, I have a photo of two of you with Andy, if you want it. But you probably have loads as it is! Taz xx
  8. We asked Sala about that, because we noticed it too. And Sala said that he and Dom had the t-shirts made for them while in New Zealand. Or something to that avail. Wow, we're awfully sad to notice such things
  9. I also want to say thank you to Showmasters for a magnificent weekend (although I was in Milton Keynes for far too long and am not in a rush to visit that shopping mall again). I got to meet all the LOTR actors, and although I was saddened about not getting a photo with Elijah (although I have a BRILLIANT one of him…….'Elijah, will you pose for a photo?' …….'Oh sure, hold on'.... Elijah sits down and stares right into the camera........ cutest photo ever), it’s the actual brief conversation I had with him that will stay with me. Considering I’ve been an Elijah fan for 10 years, you would think I would have been a complete moron in front of him. But I was………..cool. All the actors were amazing and the two LOTR screenings I went too were fun, although some of the questions left a lot to be desired. lol The official Showmasters people and the personal assistants that sat with the LOTR actors were all lovely. BUT quite a few of the people who took tickets at the queues really need to have a reality check and go on a 'Must Treat Other Human Beings With Respect' course. I mean, honestly! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to meet people I admire. Taz xxx
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