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  1. Shame it got cancelled completely but I hope that I can attend a Hobbit con whenever they plan to run one, I find the Showmasters con to be run smoothly and I have not had any problems with the company whatsoever. I gotta admit that I am happy that it isn't during this coming weekend as I am hit by a major Jet lag after a 10 days holiday visit to California that I just literally returned home from 2 days ago...zzzz
  2. Marystat

    Latest Guest Announcement - PETER FACINELLI

    Mark can I just give you a hug for this update when I see ya on Friday? You rock and PETER FACINELLI ROCKS for being so devoted to do this, so happy to hear this and great idea with the drinks reception on saturday. I'm game for that :-D.
  3. Marystat

    Group question related to the number of pass

    You shouldn't post your ticket numbers on here, there has been issues in the past. I edited out the numbers here but maybe those who quote MazelleLily's post should do the same as the ticket numbers still show in the quotes even if she has edited her post. And Too Tall is HARD TO MISS at the conventions :-D hehe
  4. Marystat

    Reg Letter.

    Got mine today..and yes a low (or high lol) number but not as low (or high lol) as I had expected :-D. Looking fwd to the weekend now!
  5. Marystat

    Reg Letter.

    Good to know they are on their way out :-D. I do not have a low Gold ticket number as I was late in getting my ticket but it doesn't matter...the letters are on their way out and THAT is what matters :-D
  6. Marystat

    Gil Birmingham

    He is awesome and funny and quite the charmer :-D
  7. Marystat

    More Gold Tickets to be sold?

    Great to hear this Mark :-D, I thought this was strange too and sounded very unlike Showmasters. So good to hear that this hasn't changed...can't wait for the weekend :-D.
  8. Marystat

    More Gold Tickets to be sold?

    Is this a fact? Cos I am on SM/ME mailing list and I did not get any emails about this and IF this is true I am not happy either..I got my ticket asap I knew they were running low so sorry, sold out IS sold out, simple as that...
  9. Marystat

    id question help please

    Does he have a library card with a picture and/or name on it? Maybe that could help too? But if you are there I am sure there won't be any problems, you bought the tickets right..so the tickets should be in your name and I guess you are really the only one who needs to show an photo ID to register? I am sure you'll be fine :-D.
  10. And he is half Norwegian, speaks FLUENT Norwegian too..yes I'd LOVE to meet him again :-D
  11. Marystat

    Booboo Stewart!

    BooBoo was adorable, very friendly and I like his taste in music ;-). So yeah he's a great guest!
  12. Marystat


    JCB was a true sweetheart, funny and so charming so yes I would definetly love to meet him again :-D
  13. Marystat

    Birmingham metropole hotel...

    The previous convention had a place where they served cheaper food opiton for lunch and dinner but this food is sort of so so at times... I would have the buffet breakfast in the morning and go outside the hotel towards the airport (there is a subway there and a weatherspoons there) at the airport there are other food places too..all cheaper than the hotel. So if you are on a budget then those places are a good idea. Yes I booked mine ages ago even if I hadn't gotten my ticket then....so yep my room is booked
  14. Marystat

    Birmingham metropole hotel...

    They will sell extra photo tickets during the convention so you are able to buy more photos yes :-). Same with autographs
  15. Marystat

    Birmingham metropole hotel...

    I got Gold ticket, and they will send you a letter that works as a ticket in the post about 2 weeks prior to the convention :-D. As for hotel, there is a Crown Hotel or something about 10 min walk from the train station, (nearby the Hilton Metropole) so you might want to check with their rates too..heard it was a great hotel as well. However convention wise it is just easier to stay at the hotel where the convention is of course :-D.
  16. Marystat

    Who's Going. And how many

    Just booked my ticket for this :-D, Gold ticket of course!
  17. Marystat

    Gold tickets are running out!

    On my way into the shop now...hope there is ONE left?! LOL ---- and Gold ticket secured :-D
  18. Marystat

    Eternal Twilight 8

    Also there are cheaper options with more selections at the airport only like 10 min walk from the hotel.
  19. Marystat

    Guest Suggestions

    Is there any plans on inviting any of the actors in the Hobbit movies? Would be cool too, I know some of them have already been in LOTR movies but what about the newcomers? Sometimes the "less" unknown actors are the best ones at these things :-D Also would love to meet Craig Parker again :-D. Such a sweet guy!
  20. Marystat

    Hotel difficulties - help?

    I booked mine yesterday, a single room from Friday to Monday with the code, no problems whatsoever
  21. Marystat

    Eternal Twilight 8

    Booked my single room with no problems at all using the code :-D
  22. Marystat

    Is anyone going alone?

    I've gone alone to cons and soon enough you'll get to know ppl so not to worry. :-D
  23. Marystat

    ET8 lineup (from ET7)

    I am definitely considering this one :-D
  24. Marystat

    Anyone watching Secret Circle?

    Secret Circle is awesome :-D
  25. Marystat

    Still Unofficial?

    Woah SM made it to be official or in the works on being official? Awesome, congrats guys! :-D.