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  1. God I know it is a hard choice, he has appeared in dozens upon dozens of memorable horror movies which I love. At the moment no confirmation yet if he will sign Dracula related items so am waiting to hear from showmasters.
  2. exactly right, he stopped signing dracula stuff a few years back. I hope showmasters can clear this up if he will sign on this occasion.
  3. showmasters please confirm if he will sign Dracula as he stopped signing dracula stuff a while back, but hopefully this will be an exception. £60 for signed photo and talk is well worth it for me, I wasn't going LFACC but all other plans have had to be scrapped for this.
  4. OMG - my hero the legend that is Christopher Lee! Huge question showmasters, will he be signing Dracula as last show he did no dracula. I am shocked, I wasn't coming due to work but screw that I am there.
  5. Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, John Gavin, Jean Simmons etc are all most welcome
  6. They did a signing in Virgin several weeks back.
  7. you are correct he has done book signings in the past and he also attended a 2 day convention in 2004 titled "christopher lee - a celebration in film" where he would sign anything aside from Dracula related items. BUT... I spoke to the autographica guys about having Mr Lee at a future event and was told that there is not a chance as he has no interest in doing a signing event. Any other hammer stars would be nice, we have seen the likes of ingrid pitt, Dave Prowse, caroline munro, martine beswick etc at countless events but it would be nice to see some stars who have not done many signings in the uk before such as the collinson twins, yvonne monlaur, Veronica Carlson, Shane Briant etc
  8. you are right, it was wrong to up the price. Regardless of if she was not making a lot from auto sales or not, everyone should have paid the same amount.
  9. Looks liek those who came sunday had a really bad deal then.
  10. what she charged you £20? If so I am shocked that she upped her price by £10 between saturday morning and sunday, she is hardly a headline guest!
  11. £20 what???? Trina was £10 on all items whether that be your own item or photos provided.
  12. Just thought I would make people aware of a huge show taking place on July 1st at the Ware Sound Stage - High Street Ware. Stars confirmed for the show so far are - WWE Legend Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Former ECW champion Steve Corino, Ring Of Honor champion The American Dragon Brian Danielson, AWA champion Omori, ROH stars Doug Williams and Chad Collyer, Rebecca Knox and former WWE and TNA star Joe Legend Ticket prices range between £15-£30 and the box office number is 0870 444 556. The show starts at 12pm and will last roughly 3 hours. It promises to be a top show so hopefully some of you wrestling fans can come along regardless of it being the same weekend at LFACC (you can do both you know ) Ant
  13. He was the best, a true pro
  14. I looked like this before I met Richard but the power of his grip made it all fall out
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