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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - Tony Osoba Autograph: £15 Photo Shoot: £15 Buy Tickets Here Dempsey & Makepeace - Det Sgt Chas Jarvis Doctor Who 'Kill the Moon' - Duke Doctor Who 'Dragonfire Part 1 & 2' - Kracauer Doctor Who 'Destiny of the Daleks 1-3' - Lan Who Dares Wins - Terrorist Porridge - McClaren Space 1999 - 1st Security Guard https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0652150/
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  2. In the current climate postponing is the responsible thing to do. And if I can take this opportunity, from someone in the "key worker" category (not NHS/health/healthcare) please, please, PLEASE STAY AT HOME until this is over.
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  3. Yes indeed but Karen is really cool to meet! I’d seriously consider getting her autograph
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  4. Now if we could just get Harrison Ford for a double photo shoot.
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  5. Well guys... it's been a fun time on here. But now the time has come for StuartG and me to step down as an Admin and a Moderator and move on. We have always loved helping people and making the experience better for everyone at the shows. Also we have made some great friends on here. Raylenth, Nate, WrongName, Broo, wjbleming and a ton of others that would take too much time to name. But all good things come to an end. I'm sure Stuart will say something later too when he gets a chance. We are a team, discussed this step and made the decision together. It hasn't been an easy deci
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