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    *wonders when the show will be renamed 'Baby Yoda and friends'.*
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    Did someone say baby yoda?? I heard someone say baby yoda!!
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    Rian Johnson was also signed on to do another trilogy of Star Wars films at one point (again entirely unrelated to the core Skywalker saga), but as far as we're aware that trilogy isn't happening either. Disney announced he would be doing it before TLJ was released, and we all know what the response to that one was like. Johnson's most recent comments about it pretty much confirmed that it is no longer happening, although without official confirmation by Disney who knows what's happening there. As far as I know, Rise Of Skywalker is the last cinematically released SW film that Disney have planned, but the spin-offs are continuing on television. An Obi-Wan series has been confirmed, and I remember that a Cassian Andor series has also been greenlit, both for Disney+.
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    Nothing new has been announced. These new trilogies they have talked about will not be related to Episodes 1-9 though. As GreenArrow has said, Episode 9 is the last in the Skywalker Saga, as in there will not be an episode 10 (until they run out of ideas and change their minds). I believe the GoT guys were meant to be working on an Old Republic trilogy that would have been set long before Episode 1. But as you say, that has fallen apart now. With the success of The Mandalorian, I’m sure it won’t be too long until future Start Wars films are announced. I hope they take the hint that original stories are the way to go instead of unnecessary films like Solo that no one wanted.
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    Rise of Skywalker is the end of the trilogy. There was a new trilogy planned done by the GOT writers, but if memory serves me correct they stepped down. I can't for the life of me recall if new writers have been announced. The first movie of that trilogy was supposed to debut 2022.
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    Too much money in it for Disney to stop making the movies, even though they should stop, as far as I know this film ends the skywalker story, leaving these characters behind. And there will probably be some new trilogy in a few years with new characters or something
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    Finally sorted out Diamond for him, may have to go left field with Crying Freeman as Ive found a poster I can get. Although, may have to get a second with a John Wick poster since that last fight was total boss
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