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    Yeah I might do at some point, I’ve listened to a few fan made episodes on YouTube, I would definitely recommend Exhausted Supplies, two very good voice impressions of the Ninth and Twelfth Doctors.
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    Finally sorted out Diamond for him, may have to go left field with Crying Freeman as Ive found a poster I can get. Although, may have to get a second with a John Wick poster since that last fight was total boss
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    Finally got an auto on my vintage Blade poster. Donal Louge aka Quinn of Blade. Quote reads "I'm going to be naughty, I'm going to be a naughty vampire god" Not tottaly acurate, but better than a wrong name. Many thanks to @Raylenth for getting it while I was in another country getting drunk.
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    Always worth a try. I don't do many but you do get a different insight into Doctor Who characters. I did follow The Dalek's recommendation and downloaded some cheap ones. Plus the 12th Doctor's era is now on Big Finish licence so maybe Peter will be persuaded to do it.
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    I'm not big on audiobooks either, but I do love Big Finish, so I'd definitely recommend trying one or two stories. You can download some of them for really cheap prices on their website.
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    What did he do? Sorry the quote wasn't quite right, the post it was on there and I pointed it out to him!
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    If it says 3000 I wouldn’t think they would add more if it’s limited edition, the cast list looks great, shamefully I don’t listen to or buy the big finish audios, I’m not really an audiobook person!
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    Richard Dean Anderson!!!
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    yesssss!!!!! Richard Dean Anderson , please , please, please !!!!!
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    Added Lee Pace and Dean O'Gorman on my Hobbit poster (Lee put the wrong character name at first ) I added Sean Gunn and Micheal Rooker on my Avengers Heroes Poster Lee Pace on my Avengers Villains Poster (correct character this time!) I started a new Alien 3 poster with Clive Mantle I added Charlie Heaton to my Stranger Things poster Added Joe Pantoloano to my Matrix poster Added David Bradley to my World's End poster (you can see the auto a lot better in real life) I started a Grindhouse poster with Rose McGowan Finally, I Carson, and Ahmed Best to my Star Wars Prequels poster
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    John Wagner Co-creator of Judge Dredd.
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    Paul Mcgann Another classic Who doctor added to the collection.
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