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    I'm truly very sorry about this:
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    Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, Joe Flanigan, Michael Shanks, Nicole DeBoer, had the photoshoot with Jason Isaac's, still to get his auto with the DP and a few still to get.
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    Now with added Quinto Now with added Gina The auto's aren't terribly visible unfortunately due to the light
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    I'm up and about to start getting ready, excited and nervous!!!
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    Aaaaand it starts. Good morning road. Next stop LFCC (well via the hotel to drop bags). See you this afternoon!
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    Glad I met Jason as well! He had a sense of humour, as when I referred to him as Mr. Isaacs, he turns and say, "Please, it's Jason. It's only Mr. Isaacs if I'm being arrested.... or having a certain type of -oscopy." (Paraphrasing that last part, in case it's not really family friendly. lol)
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    Have fun today everyone! I should hopefully be getting there around 4 to pick up my passes. Can't wait for tomorrow!
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    ..days to gooooooo!!!! Wooooooo!!!
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    Friday: Auto: Ian Whyte, Annette Jones, Karen David, Nicole De Boer, Gemma Whelan, Alfie Allen, Jason Isaacs, Robert Patrick, Shazad Latif Photo: Gemma Whelan, Alfie Allen, Jason Isaacs, Nicole De Boer, Karen David, Robert Patrick
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    First day over indeed! Wrecked by the end of it! It was a pleasure to see @Wrong Name, @Broo, @StuartG2198, @Chris1970, @Ravogd and @PenThePirate again, seeing @Raylenth from afar, as well as meeting @VikingGrrrl and @Queen_Sindel for the first time! Did try and speak to the bear but he was being his usual self. Here's to the next 2 days!
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    I am absolutely incensed by this. I would have asked for his name or least gone and gotten a red shirt. How dare anybody decide whether you can or can’t get a band. That’s what the extra help people are there to do, not somebody manning the queues. You have my every sympathy and I hope Showmasters do the decent hing and fully investigate this.
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    Will this be the front cover of your rap album?
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    Just bought the Colin and Nicola due shoot. Two more days to go.
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    He was totally lovely and sweet. I asked him to sign a Peter Pan photo so he was telling anecdotes from that film. Love how much he gives to his fans, I wish I could meet him again!!
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    I echo all this, I met 7 people today and he was definitely the nicest guy of the bunch, a natural at this kind of thing I'd say. But Matthew Lillard and Robert Patrick were good too.
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    Well we got the legend that is William Shatner's autograph today. Lovely meet. Very friendly and gave my husband a fist bump. My husband does not get star struck but william shatner is one of his big idols and he even fan-boyed lol made me emotional seekng how delighted he was.
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    I stood out like a sore thumb today and none of you found me. Hahahaha I win LFCC hide and seek. OK @wjbleming did manage to find me and he wins first prize
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    JJC was so so SO happy to be there! What an absolute love!
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    I did not, I repeat, I did not buy two Pop!s on my way out of the venue today..
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    Have fun everyone! I’ll see you at the Winter event probably
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    Death row for me.. j/k. First row with @VikingGrrrl
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    Might feel like that after the weekend. My backpack weighs a ton.
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    And I'm in the queue
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    I’m confused ,it doesn’t take much but as we know he cancelled today ,so I went to the desk and was told the ticket would be refunded ,so I bought a new one for Sunday ,i now understand he’s attending sat only but I’ve seen a message sayin all tickets for Friday and Sunday can be used tomorrow,is this correct as I was told different and if both are being accepted today do I need to go to desk and get a refund for Friday or will it be refunded .someone help please.
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    What's one batch between Whovians?
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    I did not buy Anakin and Thor with axe and hammer..
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    Gina is lovely and I'm glad I managed to get her. I now have a claim to fame that I managed to stump her on how to open a pen though.
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    Hope that cold doesn't get worse!
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    I only had a photo shoot with William today but I was in auto queues either side of him at times and he was much friendlier and engaged than has been reported in the past. I think he'd have been a good meet today for anyone.
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    He did make it to the photoshoot and then he stuck around for a bit afterwards to finish some signing. Stayed until Security started scowling at us. Such a nice guy! (Also actually super dreamy in real life!)
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    I met him a DST last year and he was amazing. So kind to my partner in her wheelchair. His talk there was hilarious and one of the most entertaining and anecdote ridden talks I’ve attended. I’d thoroughly recommend his free talk if you can make it.
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    It's a yearly conspiracy. That explains why I'm never able to find anyone.
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    Hey same thing I'll be happy to help too. You'll probably see me in the extra help queue in the morning (short, red hair, crutch) make sure you say hi if you spot me!
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    We are trying to check during the weekend, but all mods are attending LFCC. So please apologize any delay.
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    Schedule on here please. I'll try to get a photo up of the timetable at the venue.
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    I don't really want to say, he seemed a really nice guy. I'll just say he wrote 'The Shape'. I guess it sounds like it could be a Buffy thing.
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    Seen someone dressed similarly standing with @Chris1970 and made myself look like an idiot by going over. lol
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    Oi Chris, stop chatting you chatterbox
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    There is a third option. He might be on his side. 5 points to you.
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    How. Very. Dare you!
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    On this note, I'm very absentminded and over the years I've gotten in trouble with various friends who have waved at me or shouted my name or something and I've been completely oblivious to it. So give me a lil tap on the shoulder or something if anyone does want to say Hi :)
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    DJ Fresh Stuart, MC Sindel and Grandmaster Etmuse
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    Tiny drops, good queue.
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    same for me. I'm in London so far. lol
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    The air con is Always on and at max. Unfortunately it has its Limits. I have absolutely no idea where the idea comes from that the air con is set low to save Money or god knows what. One year someone even claimed it had been locked with a padlock so no one could Change it, and another year someone swore Jason turned it off on Purpose. Unfortunately Olympia is an older Building, and eventually the AC will not help anymore. The Auto area is especially affected because the celing is so low as Raylenth said.
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    I say you should get Billy Dee Williams to sign it.
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    That is awful, I'm so sorry that happened x
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