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    Another great guest for my Saw connections! Very sweet man.
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    My pictures of today (3 more to go tomorrow)
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    ..days left!!!
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    Next month it is time for LFCC!
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    I've been on holiday for the past week, and the very limited Wi-Fi prevented me from coming on here much, and as a result I've had this for four days but have been unable to show it until now. I visited a book store near where I was staying, and I managed to find this. Needless to say I was ecstatic, and I managed to get it for £25 (there is a regular edition of this book, but this is the limited edition signed "deluxe" edition). Apologies for ther blurriness of the second image. It is signed by Dave Stone, Lee Sullivan and Andrew Cartmel. This is number 934 of 1400.
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    It would be absolutely amazing if Ralph Macchio could come and join the rest of the Cobra Kai guests. Myself and many others have been a fan since the first Karate Kid movie and would be a dream come true to be able to meet him.
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    I'm just using postimage. No account needed and very quick and easy to use on phone/pc
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    Working night shift gives you plenty of time for other things, like thinking...
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    Not quite so wild.
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    Yay, welcome to the gif club
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    Very nice. It was obviously meant to be that you found it whilst on holiday
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    As its the 15th anniversary of Lost, how about some Lost guests? I'm asking on behalf of many fans on here.
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    She always come back. There are a few more photos but they are for another time and another place..
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    Oh look, Natalie Dormer is back
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    While many of you are enjoying CM today hopefully this will be my day.
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    Hmmm.....I will be staying close to the airport in October..
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    The Supernatural cast or more lucifer cast would be fantastic and the cast off true blood
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    Ralph came to LFCC 5 years ago. Would be soooo good if they can bring him again. His lines were huge!!
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    Ive only got one. #seewhatididthere I’ll get me coat.
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