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    Leave me out of your fandom wars. You can call me when the Pokemon fights start.
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    After just watching the finale of game of thrones!!! I really want to see some of the cast especially: Emilia Clarke Kit harrington Peter dinklage sophie turner maisie williams nikolaj coster- waldau lena headey Gwendoline Christie Iain glen Nathalie Emmanuel john bradley Rose leslie natalie dormer Liam Cunningham aiden gillen conleth hill richard madden Kristofer hivju jack gleeson Jerome flynn jacob anderson joe dempsie
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    How about giving Doctor Who a go? There's plenty of that in order to keep you occupied for a while.
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    Spoiler: some people get beheaded, some people get stabbed, even animals die
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    Unfortunately he's busy (Kiefer) with a lot of concerts (there's no hope). Anyway... i just saw Sarah Michelle Geller (maybe you know where)...fingers crossed.
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    WATCH HANNIBAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I will probably give this a shot:
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    Oh sorry, I didn't realize the Comic Guests had put us over the Edge. Done now.
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    Ted Danson has started doing cons. Would be good if it was him!
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    I think it will be Duncan Laurence
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    Dave Bautista Clark Gregg Ming-Na Wen Jack Black Bryce Dallas Howard Matthew Lewis Jeff Ward Tye Sheridan Olivia Cooke Lena Waithe Patrick Stewart Simon Pegg Zoe Saldana Iain de Caestecker Mark Rylance Evanna Lnch Matt Smith David Tennant Arthur Darvill Peter Capaldi
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    Pardon my french: FFS!!
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    Fingers crossed for me too! I would love to meet her.
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    The closest I've ever been to Eurovision was the BBC's You Decide show a few years ago. I made the news: https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/entertainment/14306311.eurovision-2016-joe-and-jake-have-been-chosen-to-represent-the-uk-and-people-have-mixed-feelings/
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    Someone from The Big Bang Theory, please, since it just ended If not, Tom Holland Or any big names from Doctor Who
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    Fingers crossed. I was thinking the same thing
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    Best guest experience, so many to choose from. Only started going to these last year, I'm now addicted. Have to say Meat Loaf was awesome, wrestling commentator Jim Ross was so sweet and humble when I told him I thought he was awesome. However, top of my list is the wonderful Bernard Cribbins who I met at Comicon Spring this year. What an absolute gentleman, awesome sense of humour. When I told him I thought he was awesome, he picked up his bottle of water and went to throw it at me, then realised what I'd said and responded with "Oh that's ok then, I was going to throw this at you because I thought you were going to say I was awful". At the photo shoot with him I had a "I am the one who knocks" t-shirt on, which he thought was brilliant. As I was leaving I apologised if I was about to be inappropriate but was going to do it anyway, and gave him a kiss on the cheek, which brought a wonderfully big smile to his face. Planning on seeing him again in the summer to get the photograph signed.
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    Going with great in capitals and also saying great tv and movie guest I’m going to guess David McCallum who was in the great escape and also done tv shows :), but guessing and would love it to be Kiefer Sutherland, but also Anthony Hopkins would be insane!!
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    Your going to have the other guests you want assassinated? Blimey.
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    Tony the Tiger. He's greeeaatttttt. Someone suggested Ian McShane on the fb and that would be a genuinely great guest. Also have to concur with the suggestion of Sean Bean.
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    You can bring back Peter Capaldi or David Tennant if you want SM, you know I don’t mind...
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    Not only MSN - my Disney pin Groups have suddenly all gone Westeros on me. If I had followed the Show I am Pretty sure I had every spoiler known to mankind thrown at me this morning.
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