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    I have no clue if the actor who decided to get a little headstart is the guest that we are looking for here. As most of you know, there is often multiple announcements one night. But please for the love of everything shiny and fluffy: even if you saw, leave it to Showmasters to make the official announcements. Sometimes a guest does have a different understanding of "contract completed" than SM. Stuff is kept up by the agent. FedEx delivers the contract wrong. Anything can happen. So it may take a while longer for the official announcement than you think. And also: you can't discuss other events on here. We will have to remove any discussion and speculation why someone may have chosen to cancel one thing, or why they decided to sign up for LFCC or if anyone else may do the same. The mods will have to remove all posts of that kind. You may not agree with this approach, but please accept this. We have had to ban users in the past who kept posting the very same thing demanding "freedom of speech." The office has asked us to remove such posts, and that we will stick with.
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    I'm really going to laugh if the announcement is Ahmed Best now. And no, I don't have a c word either.
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    Ron Perlman got added to my Sons of Anarchy Poster. Its a bitch to get a decet photo of in any lighting condition in its frame. Excuse the flash blurring the face of the reaper On the poster, I have Tommy Flannigan - Chibbs Theo Rossi - Juice James Cosmo - Farther Ashby Mark Boone Jr - Bobby David Labrava - Happy Robert Patrick - Les Packer Danny Trejo - Romeo Ryan Hurst - Opie Kim Coates - Tig Kristen Renton - Ima Mitch Pileggi - Darby Taryn Manning - Cherry Kenny Johnson - Kozik Peter Weller - Charlie Charlie Hunnam - Jax Tony Curran - Gaines Ron Perlman - Clay Pretty much a full house of original sons, only a couple missing now, one day maybe
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    A good friend of mine, who works with movie, TV and theatre, got me this one. So I cant take credit for getting it. A nice addition to my collection, my fav in the Marvel franchise.
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    As we've had Jason Momoa & Ray Fisher....I would sell my soul if it could be Gal Gadot, pretty please with a cherry on top?
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    For those who are not in on the joke, I am not a mod, nor do I work for Showmasters and I have no way of knowing who the guest is and therefore can't give out any clues. it's Harrison Ford
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    Amber Heard to accompany Jason Momoa
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    karen Gillan :) or Nathan Fillion would be lovely
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    Yes, Blue Badge will be fine. Just apply on the website Raylenth linked and you'll get the help you need. If there's any questions left they will get back to you. Years ago I managed to mess up my ankle the night before the old Manchester Collectormania. Hospital and everything. They gave me crutches. Me being me I still tried to hobble around the event. Crew saw me, went "that's not gonna work" and organised a wheelchair that I was even allowed to take back to the hotel and return the next evening when the event closed. And that was before a dedicated assistance team was there.
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    That is very helpful thank you so much. I do have a blue badge and relevant paper work so should be able to get some help. This makes me feel so much better and more able to cope with the whole mobility issue.
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    Random guest suggestion that popped into my head today: Graham Greene. Not sure if he ever did any before, but he has such a long list of fantastic roles in TV shows and movies. And I just wish they'd announce Adam Baldwin for this one too :p (I know, unlikely)
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    Any MCU (TV or Movie)/DCEU/Arrowverse/Smallville/Wrestling guest would be fine with me
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    PLEASE!!!!!! I NEED Sir Derek Jacobi!!! Please Showmasters!!!
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    Mark Williams Charlotte Hope Hannah Waddingham Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Ahmed Best
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    id love paige turco to come back with Joseph Morgan kate mulgrew Anthony Stewart head
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    Jodi Benson. After all, The Little Mermaid has turned 30
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    You said the 'C' word!!!
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    *Don't mention cancellations!*
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    Kristofer Hivju, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Birgitte Hjort Sorensen, Bella Ramsey, Richard Dormer
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    I’m really hoping for Elizabeth Olsen or any of the main characters from the MCU even though it’s unlikely, but you have had Jeremy Renner and Benedict Cumberbatch so I am hopeful
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