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    I'm genuinely sorry. The mods try to copy over Facebook announcements as soon as we see them, but unfortunately both Stuart and I have our Hands full with non-Forum issues at the Moment and sometimes miss stuff. I will Forward your comments to the Office.
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    When you look at your profile and see that you have apparently 'won the day' and yet had no idea such a thing was even possible. But yay I now get a lovely little trophy, ego increased +1
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    After this years Olympia event I now officially believe that SM can get literally anyone. Since we have had legends such as James Caan it would be nice to have some more older legends, such as.. Al Pacino - He is my favourite actor, so this would be beyond amazing! I'm also aware that I keep requesting him so I'll probably get the forum boot soon or maybe if I request him a few more times it might actually happen haha Robert De Niro Francis Ford Coppola Robert Duvall Joe Mantegna Liam Neeson Hugh Jackman Jackie Chan Tom Baker John Levene Thankfully not quite as old but still just as awesome! Tom Hardy Brad Dourif Patrick Wilson Christopher Sabat David Hayter Milla Jovovich David Tennant Also would love the following Xena guests to go alongside Ted Raimi Lucy Lawless Renee O'Connor Bruce Campbell Sam Raimi
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    The problem with this story is not the story it’s the fact that the only way to experience it is audio (well episode 2 apart which is a tremendous episode BTW with a great cliff-hanger). It is a very visual story. Take Jamie’s fight with the Turk. It goes on for ages and there is no dialogue. The first time I experienced it was a bootleg cassette of the off air recordings and with no explanation of what’s happening it’s just 10 minutes of noises. I have a great recon of this story that massively enhances the experience. The Daley’s are used properly, with the Doctor having a great resolution to their menace (which has now been overused but remember this was the first time that this had been done to the Daley’s). Maxtible’s greed taking over and Waterfield’s descent into madness when he realises what he has done are superb. This is definitely one of my 10’s.
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    Thanks Queen. It’s not a massive problem, like you say it only happens occasionally but thanks for answering.
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    All schedules are usually about a week before
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    Also booked to see The Nun and The Predator on Wednesday 12th.
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