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    Just a few I'm not putting all of them on here. 31 is too many
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    I loved seeing you guys' photos! @R4wly97 it's so amazing and inspiring to see how happy you look in your photos. Here are all of mine in my Facebook album: I'll post my favourites. With Jewel Staite. I commissioned the strawberry from a crafter friend. Best money I ever spent! The 'Allo 'Allo guys were brilliant, particularly Kim groping my sausage I spent some time making these "brain noodles" out of a plastic food container, yellow wool, and a brain-shaped popsicle mold I got as a promo for iZombie's new season. Rose loved it so much! She must have done a similar photo a million times, but she reacted like it was the coolest thing she'd ever seen. How can you not love her I've heard some complaints that Miranda Richardson looked like she didn't want to be there. But if you can imagine Rita Skeeter being handed a Quibbler, her attitude is actually perfect for my photo Tom Welling and John Schneider were so nice and funny! Here they are with Super-Mario! With Katie Leung. Ravenclaw power! Meeting David Tennant was just so awesome.
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    Lost for words still about describes it correctly.
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    Yey on holiday now for the next 10 days!
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    Colin is a real trouper-he drove to Glasgow after he couldn't make his train. At his Q & A he stumbled as he stepped onto the stage but wasn't fazed and he proceeded to deliver a very entertaining 45 minutes of chat and anecdotes. Well played sir!
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    Very pleased with my James Caan autograph. Great service as always.
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    He was a true gentleman, very kind, always a smile on his face, very chatty, a great experience meeting him!
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    Anyone care to start the guessing games after seeing this at the end of SM's email update this evening?
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    As far as I'm aware Roy only played the Alien that is shot out of the Narcissus by Ripley with the harpoon gun at the end of the film. Bolaji Badejo (deceased) was the main Alien performer and Eddie Powell (also deceased) was the main Alien stunt performer (hanging upside down when he kills Brett, etc.).
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    She absolutley was. Took a pic with me and my wee boy as well!
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    It wasn't dead by any means but it was noticeably quieter than previous Saturdays I've been to.
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    Like to see some horror guests as missed robert england before maybe some voice actors too
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    I know right! I was sat literally right intro to of him when he fell and I was so scared. But none the less he got up and kept going, not bad for a man of his age.
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    Colin is an absolute bloody legend! Sorry I missed his talk. They are always entertaining.
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    No, not you. Why do always the wrong people apologize? You're not the original poster, you were just the second reply to the original post. I hid your post adn tompain's too because my phone at the moment refuses to edit quotes, and you quoted the post. Sorry for the confusion.
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    It arrives when it arrives
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    got a diamond pass for him, and he seemed like a great friendly man. laughed at my simpsons quote.
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    Gonna give this year a miss I think. This year's guest list is really not for me. Have fun everyone :)
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    I was very tempted to meet him this year, and I will jump at the chance if he comes again.
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    Oh if you're including them then you've also got Geoffrey Bayledon, David Collins, Arabella Weir, and Derek Jacobi.
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    His performance was oar inspiring.
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    If you are talking about ALL of them then strictly speaking you should also like Rowman Atkinson, Lenny Henry, Hugh Grant, Richard E Grant, Jim Broadbent and Joanna Lumley. There’s one for the completionists
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    I imagine we'll be seeing a lot of profile picture changes after the Dr Who event yours look great R4 and Dalek !
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    Fair enough. I can't be bothered to keep messing with it, so I have made this my profile picture and I will most likely keep this one for a long time yet.
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    Profile picture officially changed
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    Cast from Black Sails
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    Another “Captain” would be nice but I’m not holding out much hope of that. Still Patrick Stewart advised his agent last year he wanted to do more conventions and he has got a new show to promote so.....
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    Took me a bit to get some edited and sorted out of thousands of shots (I only put up worthwhile shots, not thousands haha) :-) but slowly getting images up and a bit of wording with them. Give me a few weeks till they are all done :-D Tag away if you see you or anyone else. Heres Mulder pondering Con Life... 3 Day Album here https://m.facebook.com/john.p.gleason.5/albums/10156631302042560/?ref=bookmarks
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    I saw an amazing Black Cat cosplayer on the Friday. Was also hoping someone knew her instagram as I forgot to ask if she had one.
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    The one with David is awesome!
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    The Game of Thrones talk was a bit dangerous! King Dragon slayer at the ready. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156633502892560&id=699857559&st=14
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    Arie Dekker, Stunt Chewie in Solo. Really Nice guy and so tall.
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    Almost a week after the convention, I finally finished scanning and uploading all my pictures. Here's my favourite photo ops from last weekend You can find more of my photo ops with actors, as well as selfies, autographs, props, and hundreds of photos from talks, signings and stalls, on my Flickr here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmnB2Fux if you want to check them out Which one should I use as my profile picture? I don't know which one to pick, I love them all so much, please give my advices
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    Bill duke jesse ventura gary busey maria conchita alonso danny glover
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    Here are a few more of my creations. I still have seven more guests to collage but I won't be posting anymore, I don't want to post too much!
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    Thank you very much. I had a MOTU shirt last year for when I met Dean Cain and wanted for repeat that when I met Tom Welling. A Clark Kent kinda thing
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    Wow cool! A Bond girl from two Bond movies!!
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    Finally got my photoshoots scanned on seeing as the scanner was acting up a bit this morning. Only posting Saturday and Sunday as I've already posted Friday's on the Friday night. Saturday The iZombie group shoot. Managed to meet all 3 of them on the Friday and they were all great! Rahul and Aly weren't on VQ when I met them so was able to join relatively short queues and met them within minutes. Rahul sounded as if he was guessing where we flew from as questionable said the "Northern" of Northern Ireland. lol And eventually managed to meet rose at the end of the day. Had originally joined her queue and paid the money when she was on a break but we had to nip away for 3 photoshoots (thanks very much to Jay Jay who held onto out prints whilst we nipped away for the confusion that was the Ray Park and Tom Baker photoshoots! (Ray Park was AWOL for a bit so we were told to go to Tom Baker's shoot, only to come back to find out Ray had already left, but we spoke to the red shirt at the sales desk and were granted the Saturday shoot instead, thanks very much to her!) Met Ingrid on the Saturday for both auto and photo and she is so much prettier in real life! She asked my name during the photoshoot and how I was and asked who I was meeting during her auto and asked if I'd gotten David yet (he'd been announced about an hour or so beforehand), said I'd gotten his DP not long before going to get her autograph and we spoke about how big a day Sunday was for Who fans, was really pleased I met her! Katie came across as shy/quiet but she had a chat about where I was from and remembered me during her photoshoot. Only got Mickey the Idiot's photoshoot. Can't remember if our VQ was too high or if we just simply forgot in the rush of the day but my goodness he has a good grip! Went over to him and he pulled me right in for the photo! Got Pearl's photo and her auto in the Sunday as we'd managed to get low VQs for her. She was very nice and remembered me when I got her auto the next day! (Though I'm not sure if I should be worried or not by the look on her face in this photo! As mentioned before I was due to have Ray's photoshoot on the Friday but there was confusion about where he was at the time and we were told to go to Tom's photoshoot in the meantime but got his shoot changed to the Saturday after explaining the situation to the red shirt on the sales desk. Only managed to get his photoshoot as his auto queue was non stop long each day he was there, but he was asking if people wanted poses to everyone and this is how it turned out ! (Better than I thought it was, bearing in mind that David Tennant was announced not long before this and I was itching to get his DP! lol) I had Tony's Diamond Pass for Saturday. Had his photoshoot in the morning and he was very polite and met him for his auto in the afternoon where he was very quiet. He didn't look up much and didn't seem to acknowledge me much. Not sure if he was tired after a long day or not but was a bit off put by it (Only a bit as I was putting it down to him being tired or too warm.) Sunday Onto Sunday and the first photoshoot of the day. Arthur was ver nice during his photoshoot, greeted me when I went up to him. Didn't manage to get his auto as we were too busy with the other shoots and waiting around for autos but did see him while waiting for Matt Smith to come back to his auto desk at the end of the day and he looked exhausted. Something tells me I'm glad I didn't meet him then with his line closed as it might not have been a good experience if he was too tired, but I hope he's well! Onto the 2nd photoshoot of the day with Matt Smith and he was great! Was queueing for Arthur at photo B and heard a cheer go up as Matt arrived at photo D. Met Matt at the end of the day in the rush to get the Diamonds and he couldn't have been more happy to be there! Was still happy and had a quick chat as he signed (limited to 1 auto per person with no personalisation) and I was very glad I met him! Popped over to photo C straight after Matt's shoot for Chris Eccleston's shoot and, as I've mentioned before this has to be the best moment of the weekend for me! Approaced Chris when it was my turn and he takes one look at my tee, puts his head back, laughs, and says, "HA! Gallifrey University, I loved it!" I'll admit I was a bit nervous when Chris was announced because he'd sworn off cons and had trouble when he was doing Doctor Who but I'm glad I met him for this moment, it really made my weekend! Met him for his auto at around 5pm just as his queue was closing (thankfully) and he was quieter then, I don't blame him as it was his first con and he was swamped with fans and, from what i read in another, at least 1 dealer who he didn't seem pleased with. I hope this doesn't put him off doing cons and he comes back for another one! Onto the fourth and final in the flurry of shoots (There's more, there was just 4 at 1 time!) with Peter Capaldi. Out of the Doctors we still needed (all of whom had Diamond Passes), Peter was the only Doctor we didn't get the DP for, as it had a talk in it, and we haven't had time for talks in the previous LFCCs we've went to, so we didn't want to spend money on it if we couldn't use all the parts, and as such as we didn't manage to get his autos as he was Diamonds only for the entire weekend and we had VQs over 300 each day so we had no chance at all of getting his auto (His auto is the only thing we need to complete our collection of living doctors), but I really enjoyed his photoshoot as this was one of the few poses I've done in the past! The next shoot was with Jewel Staite. Only got her photoshoot as she was busy with the lower VQs and she must've went early on the Sunday to look around as she wasn't at her desk when we were catching up with autos at the end of up the day, but she was very nice during the photoshoot! After lunch and attempting the David Tennant shoot, we were advised to go to our next shoot with Devon Murray. Had gotten his autograph first thing on Saturday morning and he'd remembered this during the photoshoot the next day (Strangely when getting his auto he thought we'd met before this. We had not) He was very good and asked where I was from (He couldn't not ask, surely! lol) And we're onto the man himself. David was great during his photoshoot! The cheer went up when he came over to the green screen area and he encouraged the cheering! He was very energetic inside as well! Met him after this and he was quieter, but pleasant. (I'll fully admit I'm socially awkward and don't know what to say most of the time, so sometimes I end up just standing there) Had a bit of spare time and this guy called Jack wanted to paint me like one of his French girls! Onto the final shoot of the day with a joint shoot with CK and Pa Kent, again, these guys were both very nice with everyone! Took a bit longer than I thought it would (about an hour and a half or so), & it didn't help I decided to add a wee bit with each of them but it's done now!
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    Ok so my pics from the LFCC. Just five, but omg so amazing photoshoots
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    Here are all the photoshoots I got over the weekend at LFCC. Friday James Callis John Schneider Tom Welling Ray Fisher Tom Baker (Diamond Pass) Saturday: Ingrid Oliver Noel Clarke Pearl Mackie Katie Leung Tony Robinson (Diamond Pass) Rahul Kohli, Aly Michalka and Rose McIver iZombie photoshoot Ray Park Sunday: Devon Murray Jewel Staite Tom Welling and John Schneider Arthur Darvill Christopher Eccleston (Diamond Pass) David Tennant (Diamond Pass) Matt Smith (Diamond Pass) Peter Capaldi
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    Sadly she has been diagnosed with full dementia. I wish her well but I’ll be very surprised if she is well enough to attend. I hope I’m wrong. Horrible illness. Can’t even say get well soon
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