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    I second Elizabeth Olsen! Would absolutely love to meet her
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    Morning all, as it has already been mentioned we are aware of another issue that has come up overnight. Again we please ask that if you have seen something please keep it a surprise for those who haven’t seen it. Spoilers posted on here will be hidden and anyone who is intentionally posting spoilers will have posting rights removed.
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    10 Hours 45 Minutes until we get our official announcements. Hoping 6-8 guests will be announced. Initially I'm thinking they had 4 now I think it's 6-8.
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    Latest Guest Announcement: Val Kilmer Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday Autograph Price: £55 Photo Shoot Price: £55 Diamond Pass Price: £140 1x Guaranteed In Person Autograph 1x Guaranteed Standard Photo Shoot 1x Exclusive Image View Filmography
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    Honestly can't remember if I've posted this before but in case not Mark Gatiss - would be a good one for the Sherlock/Who/GOT crowds
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    Latest Guest Announcement: David Duchovny Attending: Saturday & Sunday Autograph Price: £85 Photo Shoot Price: £70 Talk Price: £20 Diamond Pass Price: £220 1x Guaranteed In Person Autograph 1x Guaranteed standard Photo Shoot 1x Priority seating at the Talk 1x Exclusive print View Filmography
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    Tbh the novelty of not having my 3 lil demons hanging off me chanting "mummy mummy mummy" entertains me enough while waiting
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    Still waiting for Pierce Brosnan...
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    Ok - slightly more sensible theory now... Jodie Whittaker and companions from the new series of Doctor Who - would be a great promo ahead of the show coming back. Plus then you'd have outgoing Doctor plus incoming Doctor. If I'm right, do I win some sort of novelty hat?
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    Don't say that! Ok,it is a road we will all walk but not for many many many more years.
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    The Greatest Showman in the Panel hall. A screening would be amazing. I have it on Blu-Ray so can supply the movie :)
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    Have to admit I’m the same as well, I actually only saw it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it’s been none stop in my house since.
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    Currently listening to 'The Greatest Showman soundtrack. I absolutely love the film and soundtrack, brings me to tears. Would be incredible to have Hugh Jackman.
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    11:20 here not that it helps.. have to wait till 20:00 for the announcement
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    Perhaps we should ask the Whovians if they have a TARDIS we can all jump in and travel to 18:59
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    Whos super excited i am Please hurry up and get to 7:00pm so I can be put out of my misery and spend all my money
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    Omg this time next month I will be meeting Peter can’t believe it!!
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    Tom Hiddleston, Daisy Ridley, Jennifer Lawrence, James Corden and Elizabeth Debicki.
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    Went to the Premiere of 'Batman VS Superman in 2016, that was my last premiere, it went perfectly. Got selfies from Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Amy Adams, Zack Snyder. Autographs by All of them and Henry Cavill. Henry wasn't doing selfies that time but what was caught on video by a friend was a moment I had told Henry how I'm a big fan of his and he came to shake my hand with a smile. That was amazing. A moment I can't forget.
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    Winona Ryder would be so unexpected, so would Helena Bonham Carter. Likewise Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Or some Alien guests. Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston. Gillian Anderson?
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    Big? The Big Bang Theory? That would do. Tom Holland & Tom Hiddlestone to
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    Hope it’s some guests from things not currently represented at the event, like a main character from The Walking Dead, Lost, Lord of the Rings and Marvel films and TV shows. Edit: when we have no clues it’s so hard to comment on these threads without it turning into another Guest Suggestions. But at least this is more on-topic than some of the other messages on here.
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    Okay, since we are back on topic: Nick Robinson (Love, Simon; Jurassic World) Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, The Impossible) Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) KJ Apa (Riverdale)
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