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    This has now grown! Daisy Ridley on my Rey (Force Awakens Edition) James Franco on my Green Goblin Evanna Lynch on my Luna Lovegood Talitha Bateman on my Annabelle
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    Wow! But you do work hard for it so blooming well done!
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    Hey guys sorry for taking a while to spot this, I don't get on here that often The Lightsaber should be absolutely fine as its plastic The Power Rangers shield should also be okay - as long as its not 6ft wide - then you'd need a spotter Hope this helps Gerri Cosplay at Showmasters
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    Please, please, please, please let it be so this time!
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    I keep mine in their boxes and put those in plastic protectors (just the cheap thin ones, not the thick, solid acrylic ones), and have them stacked on top of one of my dvd shelves... I have almost 1,100 dvds so there's loads of rooms on top of all the shelves I need for those I must admit that after seeing peoples collections out of the box, I think keeping them in is the right decision - I actually prefer the way they look in the box, by a BIG way!
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    Clive Revill will do an event if invited.
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    Ha, no granted. Would love some of the filler characters like Clive Refill and production members. Could be exciting.
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