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    Please try to get Sam Neill back! I still haven't quite got over the trauma of him cancelling 3 days after being announced!
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    I think we can all agree that Elisabeth Shue, being the 80s icon she is, definitely needs to happen. I´d also love to see Joseph Morgan (The Originals & The Vampire Diaries).
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    Yes, please get Robert Carlyle!
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    I second mark hamil and robert Carlyle because i met him and got his autograph in may and he was a really nice guy
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    Mads Mikkelsen for my son who was furious that he was on a scout trip last time or any Hannibal stars for that matter. Please get him/them to do a talk this time. American Horror cast would also make his day
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    No, it was not merged. It is now though.
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    Taron Egerton has to happen
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    And Sam..... I need Sam even if you have had him :-D
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