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    Latest Guest Announcement - Pearl Mackie Attending: Saturday & Sunday Autograph Price: £30 Photo Shoot Price: £30 Diamond Pass Price: £70 - Includes Guaranteed Autograph, Photo Shoot and Exclusive Print http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4929530/
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    Please please can we have: Iain Glen (GOT) Matthew Macfadyen (Ripper Street/Spooks) Sam Neill Orlando Bloom
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    DAWN OF THE DEAD 1978 40 YEARS OLD. Get the 4 main cast members! They would attract so many people as the UK has been asking for them for countless years! They are the Holy Quartet! Together they would be a big money cash cow!
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    Been sat here since LFCC 2017 waiting for the 2018 forum to open up I feel like I'm finally home lol
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    Hmmmmm........camel pron...........errr no thanks.
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    Young Lady, you should know better than to be looking and paying at some of those sites... Just Inbox me and I'll tell ya which sites are free
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    Diana Rigg. Don't think SM has had her since she has appeared in Thrones, but I know she has done previous shows.
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    Please bring back Tricia Helfer
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    YES YES YES!! I'm 1 million % behind this idea PLEASE make this happen
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    I see another Rupert hug in my future. Today's announcements are brilliant (apart from the Vinette one, that sucks big blue hairy balls) I also like how we can now say it's 'next month' I mean, I know we're only at the beginning of this one and it's at the end of October, but still, NEXT MONTH!!
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    How about Eric Idle? To follow up John Cleese from the Monty Python gang. Also Timothy Dalton would be amazing. One of my favourite Bond-actors ans he appeared in Dr Who and Hot Fuzz.
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    How about Jerome Flynn, please?
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    Young guns is celebrating it's thirty year anniversary in 2018,would love to see some of the cast
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    Terence Stamp again please he was awesome
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    Thanks again :) I found the older threads of the other years. :)
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