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    I've just had a look a this event and the platinum package is really good value for money for what you get.
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    I have seen a few appreciation threads here, and wanted to start one for Tom. He is such a lovely guy, and very funny!. He was very kind to me. I really enjoyed meeting him, and I hope he comes back again. I had suggested him as a guest here in the past, and I was over the moon that he came over! ☺. I bought the diamond pass for him. I had two photos taken with him, one with the tombstone, which came with the diamond pass, and one with the Delorean, and I also got his autograph. I also went to the "Back To The Future" talk , which was brilliant. I love his "questions song" about "Back To The Future", and he has performed lots of other funny songs in his stand up comedy shows. I have been taking special care of my Tom Wilson mug too lol ☺.
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    Ok, I know it's a tad early but....... 11 weeks to go.
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    Such good value and not all the guests have been announced yet.
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    Hope showmasters do a uk Weekend of Hell
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    I met him back in 2013 at LFCC and it was a very nice moment, very friendly.
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    Tom didn't interact with people much, it looked as if his health is very delicate; but Veronica is a truly charming lady, welcoming people to the shoot and all smiles. As for Roy, there was a lot of debate and doubt about him being in the group shoot or not, so it was a very nice surprise to find him there. All in all, very happy with it!
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    Adding my support for a UK 'Weekend of hell' event. Having a wide selection of guests from popular classics such as Scream, Childs Play, Halloween up to more modern ones like Saw, The Conjuring etc would bring in the crowds. Maybe also some tv show guests from Walking Dead and Bates Motel.
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    Ahhh good on you with the free cancellation! As never really done that before (or noticed it was included). May do it myself now haha :-D will keep my eyes peeled for best cheap deals.
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    Just Yippee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
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    He had something of a reputation of being frustrated with the attention he gets from Back to the Future. So I was fearing that he would come just for the money and do the bare minimum. Instead, I found someone that seemed to genuinely enjoy being there and meeting us! He was so polite and proper during the photoshoot, calling everyone "sir", in a very nice and warm way. I hope this renewed contact with his fandom isn't a one-off occasion, and we have a chance to meet him again!
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    Thanks for the feedback Jason,i think you just pretty much confirmed my suspicions,that the best hope/possibility is for a dedicated horror event. I understand what your saying,but I have to say,i'm not surprised that horror guests at regionals hasn't worked,I think the problem is that horror fans on the whole tend to be pretty much exclusively into horror,i can only speak for myself,but I suspect I'm not alone on this,i've recently wanted(and still do) to meet a number of horror guests that have been at regionals(sean chapman,claire Higgins,john duggan,teri McMinn,ari lehman,amanda wyss.......just to name a few off the top of my head)but in virtually all cases they were the only person(s) at the event I wanted to see,so if that one or two people cancel,the tickets and travel etc end up being a total waste of money,i suspect it's too much of a risk for a lot of people. You hit the nail on the head *it's very hard to please all horror fans,with one or two guests" there lies the problem. I went to LFCC because even if one or two guests cancelled,it would still leave at least one or two to go for,so it wouldn't be totally throwing money away for nothing. An SM organised Weekend Of Hell Uk may be the answer......?
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    Oh OK. If some tubes were being checked, then I'll just count myself lucky that I was spared the minor hassle :)
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    There was a confusion from some of the crew Mario, possibly new ones, that because the passes showed the photo day they presumed it meant the whole pass could only be used that day. We have sent Queen photos of our passes and she was going to pass it on to the office. It may mean that they need to be redesigned next year so it's clearer for all involved. This may have been the problem with Kevin?
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    Not very original but i'd like to see - GOT guests. If i had only one to pick it would be Nikolaj Coster Waldau, might not be impossible as he seems to do events from time to time. Also i'd love to see Charles Dance and Gwendoline Christie, Alfie Allen back. Jerome Flynn, not sure if he already did any LFCC. Not asking for Kit and Emilia as it doesn't seem to be a possible thing unfortunately. Iwan Rheon would be so nice. Aidan Gillen as well. Oh and Pilou Asbaek back please :) - 13 reasons why guests. - Gillian Anderson back - TBBT guests, nice to have been able to get Will Wheaton this year. - Vikings guests - Jim Caviezel would certainly make my day also. Why not with Michael emerson again as he seems to have been very appreciated. - Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson. - Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Winchester brothers :)
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    omg can we finally get any of the shadowhunters, sense8 or the get down cast please.... - will tudor - Katherine McNamara - Harry shum jr - Alberto rosende -Alisha wainwright - Matthew daddario - Isaiah mustafa - kevin alves - jade hassouné
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    My full album is here if anyone is interested: Some highlights: Alicia Witt Benedict Cumberbatch John Cleese. Nodoby expects us! Iron Fist group shoot. Have we already mentioned how fun this session was? Wil Wheaton. Guest starring Tim Balloon. Alyson Hannigan Kevin Smith was the highlight of the con for me. Fawlty Towers cosplay Doctor Strange / Heroes for Hire cosplay I missed the big impromptu gathering of Harry Potter cosplayers, but at least I have this one
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    Here are my photos from the weekend:
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    Some actors are considered family friends. Ithers coming to mind would be Kenny Baker (RIP Kenny) and Dave Prowse. Dave will also always be at SM shows if he asks the office if he can come. Like the others have said, they are always popular. And you won't refuse a family friend.
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