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    Latest Guest Announcement - Sir Derek Jacobi Attending: Saturday Autograph Price: £20 Photo Shoot Price: £20 Gladiator Gracchus Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka The Master Underworld: Evolution Corvinus I, Claudius (TV Mini-Series) Claudius http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001394/
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    Great price! Surely we have to have John Simm as well
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    Holy monkeys SM, thank u. Brilliant announcement, what a legend! Now if only Sir Ian McKellen was able to join him
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    David jason nicholas lyndhurst john challis rowan atkinson
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    Met him at Collectormania 13 back in 2008 and thought at the time he didn't seem well and I see his Parkinson's was diagnosed in 1999. He was a very nice man and a big part of my childhood. RIP Brian.
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    It's only right to have Sylvester Stallone attend with Talia Shire!
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    David Tennant - I know he`s doing Cons in America. He should come here
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    Latest Guest Announcement - David Bradley Attending: Sunday Autograph Price: £25 Photo Shoot Price: £25 Photo Shoot with 80s Tardis Price: £35 The Strain (TV Series) Abraham Setrakian Game of Thrones (TV Series) Walder Frey Doctor Who (TV Series) Solomon Exorcist: The Beginning Father Gionetti Captain America: The First Avenger Tower Keeper Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Argus Filch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Argus Filch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Argus Filch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Argus Filch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Argus Filch http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0103195/
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    Thankfully we have more than one Doctor still with us.
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    Brian Cant has passed away at the age of 83. I remember him presenting Play School, and he also narrated Trumpton and Camberwick Green with that wonderful gentle, kind voice; the voice of my childhood. Rest In Peace.
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    Yes please, I love them so much in Vicious.
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    This is a great announcement & really nice 2 see a well known name at a reasonable price
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    When can we buy a photo op, just asking because I still have some money left for now but that can change quickly
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    William Moseley Anna Popplewell Ben Barnes
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    Great guest... now do I go for Argus Fitch or Walder Frey?!
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    Robbie coltrane adrian edmondson bradley walsh shaun wallace
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    I was nervous when I first went into the building... I had never been before, so I wasn't sure what it would be like. Luckily, it all went well and I had a great day! I'm so excited for July... I can't wait to go back! It was really warm two years ago in Olympia, but I didn't know it would get that warm, so I didn't wear appropriate clothing for the warm temperate. My fault for wearing a long-sleeved shirt! This year, I will wear something appropriate for the warm temperature.
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    I assume Colin/Nicols duo photo shoots will be automatically refunded?
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    Brad Dourif Alex Vincent
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    Fingers crossed for a photoshoot with the Tombliboos.
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    Oh my god! Thank you, thank you, thank you! So happy with this one!
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    Eagle smugglers from what I've heard.
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    Yup, North Pole Butlins it is.
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    One more ALIENS guest. I beg you Showmasters. Going there just for them (and food and the lovely sights at the con). So I beg you one more Aliens guest. I can dream of Lance Hendrikson..... ohhhhhhhh I would cry if he was announced. Tears of joy of course :-D
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    38 days to go!
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    Just 39??! but... but... so much to plan yet... Gaaah!! Also, can't wait! Bring it on!!
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    As his first appearance has just been announced elsewhere, Burt Young please!
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    All I can say Admiral is you would be very unlucky not to get it (Can't remember who you wanted though). Most guests (other than the ones we have mentioned being slow) are relatively quick and do get through to VQ's as far as I can recall. There has only been a couple of examples where they didn't get to any/only did a handful.
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    Snow for next week, then. Gotcha.
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    It's too hot to feel excited
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    I hope this insane heat is well gone by the time that weekend comes along..... 30+ will be evil!
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    Maybe you could try a cosplay that isn't 'out there'. Like something that wouldn't attract lots of attention but you would still be taking part and hopefully feel more relaxed as the day goes on
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    I was really nervous walking around but I went with 2 mates so I had people to talk to like you. As the day went on I felt more comfortable and confident and I can't wait to do it again. I'm just concerned about the heat in Olympia
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    FORUM MEET UP ANNOUNCEMENT!! I know all of you are super excited about the quiz (as am I), so you will all be pleased to know that I will be starting the quiz questions this evening! I already have some things in mind for the picture and theme tune rounds, so stay tuned! Also, in the two week countdown to the quiz I will be doing a little thing on here, just for fun, to get everyone ready for the Saturday night. Thankyouplease x
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    I will be getting her to sign my neca figure as well plus my pulse rifle which is already signed by Michael/hicks
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    Last year i think meeting Greg Grunberg was great, such a lovely genuine bloke and had time for everyone and great in the photo shoot too which made my day. Jessica Henwick was lovely too very down to early and had time for everyone. I could name a few more but last year met lots so hard to choose from.
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    @ Spring LFCC - Clare Higgins, OMG what an hysterically funny woman. Such a pleasure to talk to and gave us some handy hammer tips (Hellraiser fans will understand) @ Bournemouth - Ross Marquand down to earth and all round lovely guy to talk with. @ LFCC its hands down Kim Coates. I absolutely love this guy. What a total sweetheart and such a grounded actor who took loads of time talking with his fans whilst doing autographs and spend time engaging with everyone else around.
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    Nice One! Signing of my NECA Vasquez please :)
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    I cannot pick just one. Michael Emerson - my impressions here: http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=92781&page=3#entry1990009 Jeremy Renner - my impressions here: http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=92755&page=3#entry1989937 Mads Mikkelsen - my impressions here: http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=92760&page=3#entry1990061 Gemma Whelan - such a nice, bright, cheery woman! I went to the photoshoot in my SuperMario costume, she told me "Ciao, bello!!" and we had a great laugh. Then I got an autograph for a friend, she asked me how our pic had turned out. And, something you really don't appreciate when watching GoT - she has the most amazing blue eyes in the world! Maybe this year the guests weren't such big names as Fox, Weaver or Stan Lee in the past - but the sheer quality of the guests was very hard to top!!
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    Ooo this is hard question! I have met so many great ones... Mads Mikkelsen, Jack Glesson and Harold Perrineau were all great to meet and I didn't expect to have so much time at their desks to chat and take selfies! As always Gemma Whelan is consistently nice! I have met her at a few events and her enthusiasm is great!
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    Ditto. He's always been nice but this year it was a lot more relaxed so we had the chance for a short chat and he commented on my items he was signing which was lovely. However Mads was absolutely lovely, a great sport - he was smiling, happy and energetic throughout the whole weekend and totally willing to indulge our weird potato based requests.