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    Casey Siezmacko, Kiefer Sutherland, Nathan Fillion, Rainn Wilson, Corey Feldman, Pierce Brosnan, Val Kilmer, Timothy Dalton, Simon Pegg, William Shatner, LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall, Brandon Routh, Neal McDonough, Grant Gustin, Rupert Grint, Robert Englund, Laurence Fishburne, Nichelle Nichols, Victor Garber, Franz Drameh, Morris Chestnut, Sean Bean, Jerry O'Connell, Jim Parsons, Burt Ward, Jack Nicholson, Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo, Willem Dafoe, Michael Keaton, George Takei, Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Carl Weathers, Arthur Darvill, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Verne Troyer, Sam J Jones, Lou Ferrigno, Donnie Yen, Casper Crump, James McAvoy, Michael Biehn, Jennette Goldstein, Paul Reiser, Mark Ralston, Al Matthews, William Hope, Yaphet Kotto, Harry Dean Stanton, Ian Holm
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    Rush over after the talk, that's all I can recommend. You definitely will will not be able to get the single photo at the end of the duo photo op. If you're there both days speak to the Sales Table. For LFACC they have allowed day swaps if paid events clashed. I have no information if this is happening again, but this is the only plan B I can suggest. Just in case anyone is trying to use this to get a swap with a free talk clash: If this is done, it will only be done for photo ops clashing with a paid for talk. I repeat "IF", I can't guarantee. If anyone tries the "but the mods said" route again I will hunt that person down and I guarantee when I find that person it will not be pretty.
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    The Amityville Horror
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    I'm going to pull away from this swatting business now and bring back what I'm now marking a yearly tradition Behold, the HAND. If you see me and my hand, come say hi. My face might be there too.
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    I will swat any children who throw negativity into my happy thread.
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    Yep, have heard the same. Hear he can have a seat at his table so people can sit down and have a chat!
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    I spotted it yesterday and it made me smile.
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    Is the schedule up yet?
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    Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced Batches... For shoots that have a 15 minute AM shoot it is likely only batches 1 and 2 will be called. If you are batch 1 or 2 and can't make the AM shot you can go to the afternoon shoot. If you are batch 3 you can enquire in the morning but you are likely to be in the afternoon shoot. If you are batch 4+ you will be in the afternoon shoot. SATURDAY Sunday
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    Thank you thank you so much I feel like I can breath now! This man is my Idol and I'm literally on edge at the thought if meeting him.. thank you to the moderators here for the quick reply I was getting frantic .. thanks so much again. mags.xx
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    I believe CelticRob is a crew member who will be setting up on site.
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    The part that says "all ticket holders" isn't for autographs, it's a second photo session, so yes you can go there no problem. You won't miss it, and John is lovely :) The autographs will be going on any time John isn't doing a talk or in the photo studio/on a break. If you want an autograph then go and get a virtual ticket for his autograph queue as soon as you get to the venue, as that may be tight for time if you're arriving at lunchtime.
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    You can go anytime you're batch number has been called, you will be absolutely fine joining the queue during the afternoon session, don't worry.
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    after all the requests for Adam west you have got him :-) brilliant and thanks for listening showmasters now any chance of Burt ward too?
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    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, I wish I could be there myself. Both QS and I will be on here as often as we can to answer any questions. As has previously said on the Twitter, if you have any issues at the event, please speak to the crew and don't go home with unresolved issues, generally if there is a problem it can be sorted then and there, as opposed to after the event. Have fun!!
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    ...Fair enough, I can see it! It's the scraped back hair with side strands. I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said it. Someone once asked me if it was Marilyn Manson, so I've heard worse.
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    You get your print as you're leaving the shoot, so there shouldn't be a problem!
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    I change it every so often. It's still Amanda Young though!
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    Someone Is Watching is very good! I watched it the other day after reading about it. It's definately worth watching!
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    My list... all photos: Tia Carrere David La Brava Mark Boone Jr Tom Wilson Tricia Helfer Richard Dean Anderson Aimee Garcia Ron Perlman Wil Wheaton John Cleese Emily Kinney (3rd time lucky!) Alyson Hannigan Zoe Wanamaker Indira Varma Doug Jones Joseph Marcell Mark Williams Tom Skerritt Chris Judge Valene Kane Alexis Denisof. Split by day, and all without a gold pass :)
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    You'll never get a map of exactly where a guest will be as this could well change. But they might me a map showing the general signing area when you get to the venue.
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    Hey no rush :-D we live in hope.
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    Kristian the photo will be held in the hall that the event will be in, which as stated will be Hall 5.
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    Thanks for respecting my correct opinion
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    You know full well I was referring to my beautiful posterior. Well I've managed to turn this whole thread to be all about me, so I'm just peachy. As is my bear behind.
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    It's the same for this Show as for any others I'm afraid. Most double shoots will be announced much closer to the Show. Personally I'd be surprised if anything happens until after LFACC.
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    You want to hit the bear behind you, what did they ever do?
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    I'm desperately hoping that this doesn't get overlooked and at least gets looked at as a possibility. Mark and Jenette are a classic double act in that film, and it would be a huge wasted opportunity. Likewise with Fraser and Debbie. I've met them both loads of times, and had loads of photos, so wouldn't likely be spending money on photo shoots with them, but I'd jump at a chance to get a double photo shoot. And I know others who would as well
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    From the venue page on the collectormania website:The NEC BirminghamB40 1NT
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    Yes, of course they will check e-mails first. But I got no idea how they are planning to confirm changes - simply send new tickets or whatever. So right now the only Thing I can do is trying to buy them time for whatever they are planning to do. Check the first page of the Collectormania section for Topics titled "schedule" or similar and you'll get an idea. And there's about twice as much that we started to hide. Otherwise the first two pages would all have been "where's the schedule?"
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    We swapped to amazon like mailers about 8 months ago and haven't had a single item damaged in the post since (touch wood) Jason G
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    ...and here was me thinking I was being all subtle
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    Oh and I couldn't tell that at all by the way, not like you've changed your twitter name or anything
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    That's good to know. Part of me thought this was the case but my brain does like to over think things a lot. I would have been prepared to pay for wifi as with my anxiety over sleeping it's one of my calming mechanisms and so very important to me but I'm also of the opinion that the £15 could be spent on some pretty Sherlock related merch or a meal etc
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    And it doesn't say there are any exclusions to that offer.
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    I had kept an email they sent me a I never got around to looking at it and it says if you join Honours you get free wifi
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    I joined too but on the details of my bookings it lists free wifi on my one night stay but not the convention rate one so I was just wondering if it's included or not. I may ask them when I call to give them my new debit card details at the end of September to 100% confirm my booking (my card expires before our stay)
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    Yes, Bogleg, you just need to email shop@showmastersevents.com and they'll be able to do that for you.
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    I have never heard of this happening either, and I've been going to events since 2001. And can we please stop this right here now cause we are very much on the "no discussion of other events" rule line?
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    Emily Browning!
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    Joanna Cassidy has also been at a Showmasters event (I think winter few years back). And Sean Young has done conventions. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for James Hong or William Sanderson one day
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    Guest Name: Attending: Autograph Price: Photo Shoot Price: Diamond Pass Price: Talk Price: Alistair Petrie Saturday & Sunday £20 £20 Ben Browder Saturday & Sunday £25 £25/£60 With Michael Shanks Bonnie Langford Sunday 10:30am - 6pm £10 £10/£40 with Sylvester McCoy & Tardis Beth Phoenix Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Carlos Valdes Saturday & Sunday £35 £35 Charisma Carpenter Saturday & Sunday £20 £20/£45 with Julie Benz Christian Saturday & Sunday £20 £20 Colin Baker Sunday £15 £15/£25 with Tardis and £35with Bonnie & Tardis Colin Hunt Saturday £10 Colin Skeaping Sunday £10 Daniel Naprous Saturday & Sunday £20 £20 Daniel Portman Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Dave Prowse Saturday & Sunday £30 £15 Dean Cain Saturday & Sunday £25 £25/£50 with Helen Slater Deep Roy Saturday & Sunday £20 £20 Devon Murray Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Ernie Hudson Saturday & Sunday £25 £25/£35 with Ecto-1 Gemma Whelan Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Gabby Wong Sunday £10 Helen Slater Saturday & Sunday £20 £20/£50 with Dean Cain Jeffrey Combs Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Jemma Redgrave Saturday £15 £15 John Barrowman Saturday & Sunday £45 £45/£55 with Captain Jack Harkness Coat £135 £15 Julie Benz Saturday & Sunday £20 £20/£45 with Charisma Carpenter Justin Nimmo Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Kai Owen Saturday £10 £10 Ken Colley Saturday £10 £10 Kristian Nairn Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Marc Warren Saturday £20 £20 Mark Capri Sunday £10 £10 Michael Shanks Saturday & Sunday £35 £35/£60 with Ben Browder £85 £10 Ming-Na Wen Saturday & Sunday £45 £45 £100 £15 Nana Visitor Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Neal McDonough Saturday & Sunday £45 £45 £125 £15 Paul Weston Saturday £10 Robert Patrick Saturday & Sunday £25 £25 Sarah Butler Saturday & Sunday £20 £20 Sian Phillips Sunday £15 £15 The Honky Tonk Man Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Tony Curran Saturday & Sunday £15 £15 Zarene Dallas Sunday £10 SPORTS GUESTS Sports Guest Name: Attending: Autograph Price: Photo Shoot Price Diamond Pass Price: Anthony Crolla Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £15/£20 £15 Carl Froch Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £35/£45 £30 Connor Benn Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £15/£20 £15/£35 with Nigel Benn Denis Law Sunday 10:00am - 3:00pm £20/£25 £20 Frank Bruno Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £20/£30 £20 Geoff Hurst Sunday 10:00am - 3:00pm £15/£20 £15 Gordon Banks Sunday 10:00am - 3:00pm £15/£20 £15 Harry Redknapp Saturday 10:30am - 3:00pm £20 £20/£35 with Trevor Brooking Ian Wright Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm £20/£30 £20 Jack Charlton Saturday & Sunday 11am - 3pm £15/£20 Jimmy White Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £15/£20 £35 with Ronnie O'Sullivan Joe Calzaghe CANCELLED Kal Yafia Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £15/£20 £15 Leeds 1972 Team Sunday 10:00am - 3:00pm £80/£120 £75 Michael Watson Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £15/£20 £15/£35 with Nigel Benn Nigel Benn Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £25/£35 £20 Paul Gascoigne Saturday & Sunday 11am - 3pm £30/£40 £30 Peter Beardsley Sunday 11am - 3pm £15/£20 Pele Saturday & Sunday 11am - 2pm N/A £95 £295 Peter Shilton Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm £10/£15 Ricky Burns Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £15/£20 £15 Ronnie O'Sullivan Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £20/£30 £20 Steve Bull Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm £10/£15 £10 Steve Collins Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm £20/£30 £20/£40 with Nigel Benn Trevor Brooking Saturday 10:30am - 3:00pm £15/£20 £15/£35 with Harry Redknapp - Please note Boxers will not be signing any belts at the event. Pele will not be signing replica cups. Cancelled: Amanda Tapping Harry Melling David Bradley Michelle Hurd Kristen Renton Sylvester McCoy Benjamin Hartley Joe Calzaghe
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    I'm really surprised that no one else has commented on this thread about how wonderful a guest announcement this is, admittedly being a child of the eighties I grew up watching and enjoyed watching Spitting Image and its always nice to meet those wonderful people behind or indeed under those #Latex creations and for so long Jessicas name would be at the end of the credits on Spitting Image. There was at one point I did watch doctor who and the most memorable moment was the end sequence where Jessica scared the bejeesus out of me LOLZ! Finally, now, there is a wonderfully decent guest who will now see me want to attend to meet am really looking forward to this brilliant opportunity :)
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    SM please update the Pre Orders... And wheres my Camel Smiley
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    Y'all need to repent for your sins.
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    2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Buffy. I hope SM have got something special lined up to mark the occasion! I am hoping for some of the main cast - Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, James Marsters etc