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  2. Countdown Thread

    Don't you be getting any ideas now! I don't want this timeline changed and guests not appearing! lol
  3. Countdown Thread

    Feeling very low at work at the moment. I need LFCC to come quick but it'll be gone quicker than Barry changing the timeline. 8 DAYS AND ABIT TO GO!!!
  4. General Chat

    At the moment it’s expected to be 27-30 degrees over the 3 days!
  5. Bond Fans - new toy

    I know, I have to get me one of those!!
  6. New Attendees advice thread

    Oh you’re not going Sunday I was hoping to see a fellow James Bond fan there
  7. I’ve contacted Transport for London as my dad is in a wheelchair and my step mum can not walk long distances. They said that the bus 10 (it stops at Kings Cross) shouldn’t be affect too much. None of the roads that it stops on are going to be shut but it may be diverted to get to them so just make sure you get it with plenty of time before doors open. We were looking at the 7:37 as our train gets in at 7:21, meant to get to Olympia at just gone 8 (round 15-20 past) without the delays.
  8. The road closures were making it difficult to find transport, not the easiest with a wheelchair in tow. On the Olympia website there's a few transport options worth considering :)

    No, the forum is right. He cancelled for Friday. Unfortunately I can update here, but I don't have access to the website.
  10. Whereabouts are you staying. We are at the holiday in but thought we might be able to go to the millennium hotel on Gloucester Road and get a taxi from there. Or was it just about the closures you were in the same boat as me
  11. I have no way of getting to Earls Court
  12. Today

    Is the webpage right? Says Saturday and Sunday here but Friday as well on site
  14. You do make me chuckle lol thanks dude, I'm gonna book me a taxi and pray to the geek Gods that we make it lol nothing is keeping me from Duchovny!
  15. Photo ops

    I'll let them know, thanks. Could have been an oversight, yes.
  16. Go with the taxi then my friend. I'm no fan of the tube either, even after a year of using it regularly for my monthly trips down. Don't even get me started on that bloody map of theirs!
  17. Yes! It's great to have an opportunity to meet her- hopefully she will sign my "Blood From The Mummy's Tomb" DVD cover. As a child of the 70s I have fond memories of the "Hai Karate" aftershave adverts :-)
  18. We've rang a taxi company that says they're still able to get to the event, so I'm unsure, we're trying to avoid too many tubes and trains as we're using multiple forms of transport just to get to waterloo and I get travel sick and claustrophobic on the tube
  19. Gold Pass Questions

    I've answered this above. Yes, there is a certain number of tickets kept back. I don't recall the seats ever running out, but they have to put that blurb in to make sure all bases are covered.
  20. Earl's Court Station is fully accessible, then District Line to Olympia?
  21. General Chat

    Yeah, I'm taking the heat as preperation for the con
  22. RIP Alan Bean

    I posted my condolences on his website and his daughter Amy sent me a nice email saying how proud he was of his Scottish ancestry and that he took a piece of MacBean tartan with him to the lunar surface.
  23. General Chat

    So true, never thought I would say this but I cant wait for cooler air and rain, not so much for me but for everything around me. On the up side..I am ready for a warm Olympia.
  24. General Chat

    @Chris1970 Speaking of Sweden, my parents came home from a little shopping trip to your country. I got some candy and soda
  25. What have you not watched?

    I don't think we're missing much.
  26. I'm now in the same situation. Was relying on a taxi due to being disabled, now I have no idea how I'm going to get there on the Sunday, walking isn't a possibility nor is using the tube
  27. General Chat

    All the sun and hot weather has it downsides
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