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  2. Countdown Thread

    Well..95 to go.
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  4. Guest Suggestions

    Cast from Deadpool.
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Been watching a lot of classic 80s shows so how about: David hasselhoff Dwight shultz Mr T
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - RAY PARK

    Missed getting a pro photo 3 years ago and booked my photo and will get an auto! Thanks Showmasters
  7. Just need Road Dogg to be added and I'm sold
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Any cast from THIS IS US ; Milo Ventimiglia Mandy Moore Chrissy Metz Sterling K. Brown Justin Hartley Chris Sullivan Susan Kelechi Watson Jon Huertas <3
  9. General Chat

    Why would you be afraid of a no ghost? It's ghosts I'd be more afraid of.
  10. New Attendees advice thread

    I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the custom photo frames they do. Where thry put the actors name and the convention name.
  11. General Chat

    There's one one psychic I trust and he definitely not a fraud... But I ain't afraid of no ghost...
  12. General Chat

    Hahaha yeah subtle it ain't!
  13. General Chat

    @Broo Yeah real or not it is quite dramatic!
  14. General Chat

    @wjbleming Oh well we can pretend
  15. General Chat

    Haha I watch this one! I dont actually believe in ghosts but find the idea of them scary so to me it's like watching a horror mockumentary
  16. General Chat

    Rats. Noticed the Stranger Things script but thought nothing of it seeing it was linked with a Doctor Who tee.
  17. General Chat

    @Raylenth Yeah I thought the graphics seemed familiar
  18. Autographs aquired in 2018

    I got autographs from David Nykl and Kevin Smith at the auction at Belfast Film and Comic Con yesterday
  19. Guest Suggestions

    I'd really love Michael Hogan for BSG, along with Alessandro Juliani and Aaron Douglas. I love the BSG guests so far but I need those three in particular to round out my BSG autographs
  20. General Chat

    That Tshirt is Stranger Things not Who.
  21. Latest Guest Announcement - RAY PARK

    Very pleased with this! SM you are spoiling us this year, thanks!!
  22. Guest Suggestions

    This isn’t Collectormania. They don’t do sports guests at Film & Comic Con’s only Collectormania in Birmingham. They did used to have other Collectormania’s (Newcastle for example) but it just seems to be Birmingham now.
  23. General Chat

    Haha! True! And it comes from someone who runs around naked all the time, unless he is Paddington Bear.
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