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Thankyou for helping me on Friday

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SirGeeksalot    142

I posted this in a Facebook group but hopefully it's ok to post here too:


I just wanted to say a belated thankyou to everyone who helped me get to my George Takei photoshoot on Friday when it looked like I was going to miss it!


Thankyou to:


The kind lady in front of me who offered to save my place in the queue so I could go and find Showmasters crew who could help me (after the rude and useless NEC red shirt guy told me it was tough and I should have started queuing at 8 in the morning!).


The Showmasters crew at the front, a gentleman who went to ask on my behalf - and a really helpful lady with blue/green hair who got it sorted so I could get in.


Also thanks to the kind gent near the front of the queue who said he didn't mind me cutting in so I could get my pass and run to my photo shoot.

Hope you all had the great weekend you deserved! :-)

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