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Latest Guest Announcement - ALEXANDER VLAHOS

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showmasters    4,950

We are pleased to announce our latest guest for Cardiff Comic Con




Attending Sunday










Privates (TV mini-series)

Private Keenan



2012 Merlin (TV series)



2012/II Truth or Dare



2011 Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - The Gunpowder Plot (Video Game)

Robert Catesby (voice)


2011 The Tower (TV movie)



2010 The Indian Doctor (TV series)

Tom Evans


2010 Pen Talar (TV series)



2010 All Shook Up! (TV series)

Dafydd Hibbard


2009-2010 Crash (TV series)



2010 Doctors (TV series)

Lewis Cutler



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Persnickety    4

Gemma emailed this to me at about 1am this morning even though I'm in Berlin at the moment as she knew I'd need to know!!!


Very very excited by Merlin guests. Plus Mordred - awesome!!!

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girlingray    50

Wasn't really considering this event, what with plans to go to both LFCC and CMMK earlier in the summer

But this guest announcement is making me take a serious look at my finances to see if I can do Cardiff too!

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