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  1. Ah thank you, I'll check it out :-)
  2. Hi all - I just wondered if anyone is planning on bringing any gifts/presents/random items when they meet guests? And if you've done it before and what their reaction was?
  3. Oh nooooo... now I *have* to meet him Friday *and* Sunday... woe is me, lol
  4. Could NOT be more happy about this!! Originally I was only going on the Friday but now got tickets for the Sunday especially to meet Mads I couldn't meet him last year due to finances, but this year IT IS ON
  5. Can I just ask - exactly how cool was that job???!
  6. It was great! Did waaaay too much shopping, then a few stiff vodkas for the nerves before onwards to Elijah (it didn't help!)
  7. Would you be the rather tall gentleman me and my friend were chatting to in the Elijah photo queue? The Guns & Roses fan?
  8. Meeting Elijah was great - he was so polite to everyone, even though he looked a little tired/harrassed. Also Richard Briers, who was lovely. Great day, great guests.
  9. You're welcome to have mine if you like.
  10. Hi Troy Think I met you Saturday afternoon - you commented on my bluuuue contact lenses! You were actually very nice, and non pushy, unlike some security people at another event featuring Elijah, so thanks for that. Out of curiousity - how many people did he get through on Saturday?
  11. I must admit to shrieking when I read who it was - I've been dying to meet CL for so long!!! And then I saw the £45... Oh screw it, doubt I'll ever meet him again, pass the credit card... Any idea why it's so much though? For that money you'd be expecting a photo/song and dance routine from him, surely?? Ah well. Has anyone met him before? It seems that he's quite strict when it comes to autographs etc judging by comments on here so far?
  12. That's dedication! I'll be travelling from sunny Surrey (except it's raining at the moment) on some hideously early train...
  13. Got mine too - roll on the 1st!!!
  14. Sunday??? I have tickets for the Saturday!! And I just ordered them! That'll teach me to read things properly...
  15. I know, I was boring everyone yesterday going 'It was this time 3 weeks ago that I met Elijah...' etc etc. Oh dear.