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  1. Glad those long posts have gone from who ever it was.
  2. How about David Hasselhoff for double shoot haha.
  3. OMG, never did I expect this. Wow
  4. 20th anniversary for buffy, I'm praying a lot for Sarah Michelle Gellar haha
  5. I'm the same, a friend offered to get me Alysons auto for me as at the time I wasn't going to go but I was like for £75 I wanna meet her. Yes the auto is important to go in my book but not as important. To actually get to say hi lol :) good luck with getting g your autos though, I'm helping 8-1 and only want Alyson and Alexis photo and autos and I'm afraid I'll not get them haha
  6. What should i search for, the only one ii can find is 2014 haha
  7. The problem with the crew section, no one ever goes on it. I wrte something on there a month ago and nothing. Every thread is years old.
  8. Thank you
  9. Do everyone need to queue for autos even if a person is disabled? Or do they get to skip the queue. Assking for someone else from fb :)
  10. Only the three buffy people :) not met any of them before.
  11. I cannot wait to meet him. He is apparently a wonderful guy and I managed to miss him last year.
  12. It's just what buffy needed...a more 'normal' guy, which he was. I loved him as riley and was gutted when that helicopter flew away.
  13. First timer here as a helper at LFCC! Cant wait! Ive done many other different events but ever this! Doing Friday and Saturday 8-1! :)
  14. I sent my buffy book in, massive thing too, possibly two years ago now. Was sent with quote to be written and everything. Came back perfect!
  15. Ive just bought an Alyson photo shoot and a Marc photo shoot. Will add Alexis when i have money! Cant wait!