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  1. anyone from sons of anarchy as I had to miss lfcc also how about some Harry potter guests like Julie Walters David Thewlis Robbie coltrane or Brendan Gleason,mark hammill,daisy Ridley,and maybe some stars from the matrix trilogy
  2. I am supposed to be there today but due to ill health I had to cancel,I am gutted about missing the sons of anarchy guests,si I will have to wait untill next year,hope everyone had a great time and get some more soa guests back next year thanks
  3. Hopefully whoever it is will be there on the Sunday and how about Katey sagal,from futurama and sons of anarchy,and Talia shire would be nice
  4. Mr t,Talia shire from rocky also how about some more sons of anarchy like Tommy Flanagan or Katey sagal and maybe just maybe Stallone or Arnie and can you get them for Sunday as i cant get there for the other 2 days
  5. I would like to see Paula Malcolmson from Ray Donovan,sons of anarchy and deadwood and some more sons of anarchy guests,Kim Coates and Tommy Flanagan,and maybe Ryan Hurst also what about Julie Walters to go with Mark Williams,as Arthur and Molly Weasley from Harry potter and last Katey sagal from soa and Futurama. PLEASE!!!!!
  6. I have seen some on a site called celebrity authentics,you actually get a photo of him signing,it is expensive but genuine I have used them a few times and am happy with them,i hope you find what you are looking for
  7. Rocky and more sons of anarchy guests,also some more of the cast of futurama mainly Katey sagal and John do maggio and Levi Schreiber would be nice from ray Donovan and x men
  8. Katey sagal please if not maybe Stallone and hopefully they will be there on Sunday as I con only make the show on that day
  9. How about some different rocky guests,carl weathers and Dolph lundgren have done lfcc last year now can you get Mr t or Talia shire or some of the commentators of the fights like Larry merchant Jimmy Lennon and Jim lampley and for the boxing/rocky Antonio tarver,also more sons of anarchy or Harry Potter stars.
  10. now you,ve got Ron Perlman how about Katey sagal
  11. how about some rocky guests like Talia shire Burt young or Mr t,and some from sons of anarchy,katey sagal,kim coats Tommy Flanagan and Ron perlman also some Harry Potter cast like Julie Walters,jason Isaac's david thesis or Robbie coltraine
  12. It was the 40th anniversary of rocky last year but only Carl weathers and Dolph lundgren were there,how about some different rocky guests maybe Mr t or Talia shire or some of the boxing commentators or referees but the Harry Potter anniversary sounds great
  13. if you got sly Stallone he charges £240 a £100 would be a good price,the other guests are priced by their popularity but should be no more than £50, also different items signed by the same guest should be the same price
  14. Mr t and Talia shire and Sylvester Stallone from rocky,also how about some harry potter stars like Julie Walters,David thewlis,Robbie Coltrane,mark Williams and maybe Rupert bring,and Katey sagal Ron perlman and get Kim Coates back from sons of anarchy
  15. I went to lfcc this year,the only downside to the show was the shocking prices of the food and drink,they wanted £4 for a sausage roll,£5 for a sandwich and £2.50 for tea and coffee how can they charge this much when across the road in tesco it is a lot cheaper,something has got to be done to lower priced,I would rather starve tan pay these prices