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  1. Thank you kindly, I'm just glad people understood me with my Scottish accent
  2. that was myself, thanks very much for the positive feedback
  3. Buffy and/or Stargate SG1 guests with it being the 20th anniversary of both shows
  4. would love to see some Buffy guests and/or Stargate SG1 guests as its the 20th anniversary of each show
  5. Aww man, was so looking forward to meeting Marc, hopefully we can get him back again in the future
  6. loved his appearance in Die Hard 4
  7. Don't you start lol I'm being good lol
  8. man another great guest, will need to check the finances before deciding on a photoshoot, soooooooo tempting yet again
  9. aw man this is really tempting me to break my budget, what a great guest to announce
  10. I'm still hoping that Carrie Henn and Marshall Teague could get announced for Glasgow
  11. man my wallet is already straining at the thought of this show and then another awesome guest announcement like this happens lol
  12. fabulous guest announcement, acting thoroughbred, I still have a dream of Sirs Jacobi, McKellen and Stewart being at the same show and being on the same panel just talking about their theatre work
  13. were they directly opposite the sports guests?
  14. OMG OMG OMG This is awesome, thank you again SM
  15. thank you SM, one happy Paddy here