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  1. I'm still mega excited about this
  2. always very pleasant to talk to is Ken, lovely gent
  3. nice one, always a pleasure meeting Daniel
  4. fabulous, and what a bargain too both Doctor Who and TWD fandoms will be very happy indeed
  5. fantastic, another HOFer and one of the best female wrestlers of the 'Diva' era
  6. ooooooh the Lawman, as a Man Utd fan and Scotsman a photoshoot seems likely depending on the finances
  7. hmmmm tempted to get a photoshoot now
  8. fantastic guest, this is seriously tempting me to add to my wrestling collection
  9. awesome guest announcement SM
  10. aww nice to see Val coming to LFCC
  11. wow, ok this is pretty cool, sweet guest announcement
  12. another one that my dad is pleased is attending
  13. awesome to see her attending Cardiff too