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  1. I'm still hoping that Carrie Henn and Marshall Teague could get announced for Glasgow
  2. man my wallet is already straining at the thought of this show and then another awesome guest announcement like this happens lol
  3. fabulous guest announcement, acting thoroughbred, I still have a dream of Sirs Jacobi, McKellen and Stewart being at the same show and being on the same panel just talking about their theatre work
  4. were they directly opposite the sports guests?
  5. OMG OMG OMG This is awesome, thank you again SM
  6. thank you SM, one happy Paddy here
  7. awesome, Relic Hunter reunion at LFCC
  8. another guest who is awesome to meet, such a lovely guy
  9. Gemma is always a pleasure to meet, if you haven't had the chance at a previous show she has attended then make sure you to take the chance this time around, such a lovely lady
  10. I'm still mega excited about this
  11. always very pleasant to talk to is Ken, lovely gent
  12. nice one, always a pleasure meeting Daniel
  13. fabulous, and what a bargain too both Doctor Who and TWD fandoms will be very happy indeed
  14. fantastic, another HOFer and one of the best female wrestlers of the 'Diva' era
  15. ooooooh the Lawman, as a Man Utd fan and Scotsman a photoshoot seems likely depending on the finances