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  1. He's 88, probably not a good idea to have him hunched over for a long shoot. I wouldn't be surprised if he was sat for his shoot.
  2. Maybe it used to be necessary but The Doctor has since upgraded the TARDIS so that it is no longer needs them.
  3. Seen many, many musicals. Favourites are The Rocky Horror Show which I've seen on every tour since 1992, The Producers, Spamalot, Chitty, West Side Story and Jesus Christ Superstar. I've never seen Les Mis and never intend to, it just doesn't appeal in the slightest.
  4. Just want to add my love for Resurrection. It's my favourite of the series as well (but I am madly in love with Winona Ryder!)
  5. I think Crazy missed a full stop after High Five, so to answer your question Crazy, most guests are happy to shake hands so can't imagine they'd have a problem with a high five (as long as you don't go in too hard). Some however prefer not to shake for hygiene reasons (I believe Will Wheaton doesn't do contact) so I wouldn't have thought they'd High Five.
  6. This is purely guess work but it wouldn't surprise me if she was signing comics free but charging for other stuff.
  7. He personalised at Bournemouth a couple of years ago but of course that was a lot quieter event.
  8. The sitcom has been known about for months, certainly before his announcement here, so I doubt it'll be an issue.
  9. I've just got visions of the board game being enacted on stage as part of the murder mystery now. "He was killed when the diver dived into the pool causing the cage to fall on top of him".
  10. Can't tell if you're joking or not? Only decent board game to film is Clue (Cluedo).
  11. I hadn't even noticed the shears!
  12. Regarding 10. I can visit only on Sunday (well, hope to make Saturday too). What's the best option - to buy Sunday ticket now, and later buy Saturday sepparately, or to buy Weekend Pass now (without knowing for sure if I'm gonna make Saturday)? The Weekend Pass includes Friday so is more expensive than buying Saturday and Sunday separately so it is only worth getting if you will be attending all 3 days.