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  1. Favourites are OHMSS and LTK All the Craigs except Quantum are in my top 10. Least favourites (but still like) are TMWTGG and (gets ready for torrent of abuse) Goldfinger.
  2. I'm going to see what photos they have but am hoping for a Python era solo shot but will settle for Towers or Bond if needs be.
  3. I think it's more likely on the Sunday.
  4. You'll be fine. Go to them in that order. You'll be out of David's before Steven's starts and his finishes before Alicia's.
  5. Sad news, she was lovely.
  6. I hate the days leading up to the event when people start dropping out.
  7. Oh.. blast. I was looking forward to meeting Riley.
  8. Shame. I was looking forward to meeting both, but especially Tia.
  9. But the zip wire back down was fun.
  10. Pity, but it eases the Saturday madness a bit.
  11. That's now 3 of my dream guests who will be at the show (Cleese, Hannigan and now Smith). Best. LFCC. Ever. (IMO)
  12. I wouldn't bank on ever getting Frances De La Tour, I've heard she treats autograph hunters with disdain. Mind you her brother will be at the show so he might be able to forge her signature for you!
  13. Met him at Collectormania 13 back in 2008 and thought at the time he didn't seem well and I see his Parkinson's was diagnosed in 1999. He was a very nice man and a big part of my childhood. RIP Brian.