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  1. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Yes, with LFACC out of the way Jason is now working down the list.
  2. Thanks for explaining, but crippsy is aware of this. That was his way of saying something completely different.
  3. Third time lucky

    We already have a guest suggestions topic and one "who do you think you'll be the first guest?" I will close this one here, otherwise we'll have a triplicate soon - is that even a word?
  4. Anymore guests coming?

    We've had guests announced the night before. At one of the Collectormania shows I turned my phone on after flying to London and had about half a dozen text messages if I could please pick up Tom Felton's autograph because he had just been announced.
  5. Harry Potter Car at Cardiff

    So? There's not been a Guardians guest to go along with Groot at other shows either.
  6. Guidelines and Rules

    The main office e-mail is still info@showmastersonline.com
  7. Pre order website

    I have checked with the office and according to them 10 is correct. I'm trying to get a hold of Jason about the price on the site.
  8. Pre order website

    Sorry, I completely misread your post. I had him down as 15 and so the price on the website would correct. I honestly overread the part about the 10 Pounds given on here. If you keep your questions a little more concise that helps a lot.
  9. Pre order website

    The show is way too close for that, sorry.
  10. Pre order website

    The typo already been corrected.
  11. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Did you e-mail from the address you registered with on here? I tried to give Jason a nudge too, but if he's looking for the wrong address that won't help.
  12. Pre order website

    I was told they will be added tomorrow.
  13. Layout map

    If TooTall or someone from crew has a minute we may get a rough verbal description of where things are, but that is pretty much it. wjbleming is correct, usually there are no maps for the regional shows.
  14. Guidelines and Rules

    That is an internal e-mail from which the e-mails about forum actions are being sent. The mods don't have access to that one.
  15. Guidelines and Rules

    There is no mod e-mail. I had my personal e-mail on, but after this was frequently abused the only way to contact the mods is the main office e-mail. They will forward if necessary.
  16. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    If you don't have anything by Tuesday do mail in and ask. As weird as mail can be, unless Royal Mail has gone back to using the Pony Express that should have been enough time for your items to arrive.
  17. Guest Cancellation - Valene Kane

    There have been a couple of new announcements this week, including a Star Wars announcement yesterday. SM always try to get someone else when a guest cancels, but there is no guarantee it will be a guest from the same show.
  18. The uploads are done as bulk upload. It simply was not noticed before, until a certain number of people had enquired.
  19. I was wondering when we would have to go through this again. If a post has been deleted there is a reason for it. Maybe not one you understand, but one you have to accept because ultimately it is SM's decision which posts they allow on here. Reposting what was hidden will be hidden again, doesn't matter if it happens with the same or another user ID. If you keep doing that and ignore the forum rules the mods are forced to remove your posting rights. It's as simple as that. I am really sorry some photos were lost and I totally get any disappointment. But even this disappointment does not give anyone the right to make some of the posts I have had to remove now. For the record, I was offline when the original post went away and have not seen it. But even if I had, this would not change the general situation.
  20. It is possible, but I have no exact information at the moment. I will try to find out.
  21. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Sorry to hear you are still waiting, DMG. Depending on where you live mail I guess can probably take more than 3 days. Sorry, we just had something at work taking over a week from one end of the property to the other. Right now I am thinking anything is possible. Hopefully you'll receve a reply soon.
  22. Generally: Anything will be announced as soon as it is confirmed. The above was meant to be read as "don't worry about something not taking place until the final schedule is up" I guess. Plus there may even be date movements. I honestly don't know.
  23. It is not unheard of that events only get confirmed when the new year's schedule goes up around Christmas. Just be patient and wait.

    I did copy from the website. I thought if I had missed something someone would no doubt point it out here.