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  1. So after hearing him do an appearance in the USA, I was wondering if there was any chance of getting Tim Curry over to the UK for lfcc? I appreciate his health hasn't been the greatest in recent years but he seems to still enjoy meeting fans. If we can get Adam West over it'd be so cool to meet Mr Curry too.
  2. Guessing: Mark Hamill Felicity Jones Hayden Christensen Krysten Ritter
  3. Any of the main cast of Riverdale would be great!
  4. Thanks so much Raylenth! Will these keep them flat and rigid though? I do have some signed posters that these will be useful for but I have another poster that needs flattening down.
  5. Can anyone link me to any of the dealers who have sold the rigid poster protectors. I got one for my suicide squad poster last LFCC but am in need of more. They're around 14x19 in size and like a hard rigid plastic to keep the poster flat. Having trouble finding them online so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Gotta agree some 40th anniversary SW guests would be great but maybe some rarer ones: George Lucas Dennis Lawson Hayden Christensen Ewan McGreggor Freddie Prinze Jr
  7. Cool! Please bring Peter Davison too!
  8. My hopes are: Bruce Campbell Kate McKinnon Hayden Christensen Peter Capaldi Freema Agyeman Finn Wolfhard Millie Bobby Brown
  9. Very interesting to see Hayden Christensen and Dennis Lawson doing an overseas event. Would be amazing for SM to bring them here to LFCC!
  10. Would be gutted to see this go! It's always been great for a quick pit stop and some water & marshmallows!
  11. Amy Jo Johnson or Krysten Ritter are my guesses!
  12. Omg YES! Always wanted to meet her. Would be great if you could convince Tom Baker to come!
  13. Sweet Christmas! What an amazing announcement. I love Mike Colter! As a big Marvel and Veronica Mars fan PLEASE bring Krysten Ritter, I beg you! Amazing job SM!
  14. Yeah I thought it was show only. Thanks guys
  15. Long time attendee with a quick question. Do SM still sell autograph vouchers either in advance of the show or at the show? Sometimes it's easier buying these on card rather than having to carry a wad of cash at the show. Forgive my attendance but I can't remember if these are still sold. Always handy for LFCC. Cheers!