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  1. Guessing Matt's photos will fit in to Doug Jones' slot?
  2. Doug DM'd me on twitter this morning (mine is not the DM that has been passed around though) and he's confirmed to me he won't be there due to filming Star Trek Discovery. Hope we can get refunds for him before the con.
  3. Is Pamela Anderson not doing a talk? Her diamond pass says it includes one.
  4. Gutted as I was so looking forward to meeting him! Guess I'll buy a Natalie Dormer diamond pass instead.
  5. Noooo!!
  6. It's definitely gonna be Mads!
  7. Gutted to hear I may have problems getting a joint Pammy and Hoff pic signed. Can we get an actual 100% confirmation on that one by the first day of the con as I was hoping to get it signed by both actors (Hoff at his next UK appearance). I've always wanted to meet Pamela so really don't want any awkward encounters with her.
  8. Could very well be Benedict Cumberbatch or maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar
  9. The spooks clue make me think Kit Harrington on Richard Armitage. I'm leaning towards its being Kit.
  10. I'm hoping to get a pic of Hoff and Pamela together in Baywatch signed by her, hope this is ok.
  11. I like (and hope it is) the Millie Bobby Brown guess!
  12. LOVE HER!!! Thank you so much SM!
  13. Thank you so much SM! This is a dream come true. I never thought I'd see the day but thank you so much!!! :)
  14. Someone asked for a clue on Twitter and the reply was "Don't be such a nosy Parker". I'm changing my guess now to Andrew Garfield as he'll be in the country doing theatre.
  15. My guesses are: Krysten Ritter Dennis Lawson Riz Ahmed