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  1. Haha thank you! Love yours too!
  2. I met Finn on Saturday at the photoshoots and he was amazing and I loved meeting him. I asked if we could like squeeze each others faces for our photo and he didn't mind doing that hahaha I just wanted to do something funny and not some standard pose (like I always do). And I must admit I wish I had bought his autograph too, I really regret it (so hopefully next time).
  3. Yes, I'd love to meet Finn again and also would love to meet Diego Luna! :)
  4. My favourite moments were meeting the actors; Steven Yeun, Natalie Dormer and Finn Jones. And I also finally meet two twitter friends in real life, so that was fun!
  5. Finn Jones Jessica Henwick Charlie Cox Krysten Ritter Tom Pelphrey Sebastian Stan Sophie Turner Carice van Houten
  6. Natalie Dormer, Steven Yeun and Finn Jones really made my weekend! But my favourite photo and experience was with Finn, he was amazing! I wanted to do a fun pose so I asked if we could squeeze each other's faces and he didn't mind it at all. :) Also very very happy that I finally got to meet Natalie and Steven!
  7. I met Natalie Dormer, Steven Yeun and Finn Jones.
  8. I absolutely loved meeting him!!! He was amazing!
  9. She was amazing! Absolutely loved meeting her.
  10. Finn Jones, please!
  11. I absolutely loved meeting Natalie! She is so lovely. :)
  12. This was my first LFCC and I had so much fun! It was a bit chaotic and stressful and my friend and I didn't really know where everything was and how everything worked, but we figured it out eventually and had a great time and met all the guests we wanted to meet! :) We definitely want to come back next year.
  13. Oh I really loved it! So sorry for my late reply, I just saw this.
  14. Just saw Spider-Man: Homecoming!