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  1. There we go, all sorted.
  2. Ah, I didn't know that it was the signature thing that did that. My mistake. Thanks
  3. I have noticed that people have a section whenever they post a comment with information about them, for example saying who they have met. Does anyone mind explaining to me how to do this? (BTW I wasn't really able to come up with a better name for this topic)
  4. Series 10 continues strongly. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Capaldi and Mackie were exceptional. I thought the Emojibots were more cute than frightening, but they were enjoyable to watch. I liked how the episode ended with humans making negotiations with a sentient being, that reveal of them being sentient honestly caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting it in the slightest. Overall, a pretty good episode. As the emojibots would put it,
  5. Ok thanks. That's all the questions now
  6. I think Arnie would certainly have more than one day of build-up, due to the fact that he would be a first time Showmasters signer, and is a HUGELY popular actor. However, I won't be disappointed if it is him
  7. Ah ok thank you
  8. Ah, so the higher the batch, the later you are called up. Got it, thanks Also, will all of these be done in the same shoot? Or might you have to wait till a later shoot if your batch isn't called?
  9. I'm almost certain this has been explanied somewhere else, but can someone help me? What does the batch mean when you buy a photoshoot? Does it mean that there is a photoshoot for each batch? I would be immensely grateful if someone could explain this.
  10. Could it possibly be Shazad Latif
  11. My biggest issue with Smith's tenure has always been the over-complicated writing. I really started losing interest in Series 6, rather than Series 7 like you. I wasn't keen on Clara, but Amy wasn't that much better. And fair enough if you don't like Pertwee, I've received lots of c**p in the past from David Tennant lovers as I say I don't really like his Doctor, so I know you're entitled to your opinion on Doctors and I won't judge
  12. Earlier today I watched The Mask. That was decent enough, made me laugh a couple of times. Then I watched Son of the Mask. It literally just finished, and already has climbed its way up to one of the WORST films I have ever seen! And trust me, I have seen a lot of movies.
  13. Smith is my least favourite of the modern Doctors. I love Capaldi, and he is very similar to one of my favourite Doctors (the 3rd). I also wasn't overly keen on Clara.
  14. Ah I see. But then who would the Father be? The Night of the Doctor short confirmed that the audio dramas are cannon (the Doctor named some of his audio companions). In one audio, we learn that Susan had a child with a human, so could Moffat just be adapting that to fit to this series? It would be interesting.