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  1. go on showmasters, u know u want to...
  2. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Nick Tate (Space 1999, Hook) David Crosby (Hook, singer) Phil Collins (Hook, singer)
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Nick Tate (Space 1999, Hook) David Crosby (Hook, singer) Phil Collins (Hook, singer)
  4. Malcolm in the Middle Guests!

    i would LOOOVE to meet Frankie Muniz & Jane Kaczmarek
  5. Wow, and she's a diamond guest as well, at Newcastle??!!
  6. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    who's seen the new Strike series written by J. K Rowling? Would any of its cast b considered for any future cons: Tom burke holliday grainger leo bill kerr logan killian scott elarica johnson bronson webb tezlym senior-sakutu
  7. 1/Yes. She was so busy at the LFCC 2015 event I missed her. I need to grab another chance
  8. The IT Crowd cast

    out of the main cast i would really like katherine parkinson
  9. Guest Suggestions

    There needs to be a Charmed reunion, also cast of Blakes 7 and Red Dwarf-I need to meet Craig Charles... Another rout of Sons of Anarchy guests-get Tommy Flanagan back? Definitely and please if possible get Pamela Anderson and Matt Lucas back please!! Tom Baker. Peter Davison. Also please Disney Voice Actors from Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Lion King and Little Mermaid please please please!!
  10. Hmmm what franchise's are hitting so many years of being around...? Example, Charmed will be turning 20 Years this coming year, and I think doing a Charmed reunion is a Must for this con. Also Red Dwarf is turning 30 Years, and the Superman movie hits 40 Years. But what would you like to c?
  11. Sylvester Mccoy, Colin Baker, Jeremy Bulloch or maybe Peter Davison....
  12. technically, sylvester isn't doing this event...
  13. Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    and what about shaun of the dead cast....? simon pegg, kate ashfield, lucy davis, dylan moran, keir mills, peter serafinowicz, rafe spall, trisha goddard, jessica hynes, mark donovan, tamsin greig, jon buckland, chris martin etc. etc.
  14. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    so I've been asking for Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Vampire Diaries guests, but I haven't been asking for which Game of Thrones people to go for... These r my suggestions if u could please look into getting them in for one of your cons in the near future: ian gelder (g. o. t, torchwood) thomas brodie sangster (g. o. t, feather boy, dr who, love actually, maze runner) paul kaye (game of thrones, dr who, humans, dracula untold) susan brown (game of thrones, torchwood) tim plester (game of thrones, kick-ass, dr who) paul bentley (game of thrones, dr who) harry lloyd (game of thrones, dr who, theory of everything) robert pugh (master and commander, game of thrones, dr who, atlantis, robin hood) ian hanmore (game of thrones, dr who, outlander, the fades) burn gorman (torchwood, dr who, dark knight, pacific rim, jamestown) richard e grant (love actually, game of thrones, dr who, jekyll and hyde, logan, dracula, corpse bride) lucian msamati (game of thrones, luther, dr who) murray mcarthur (game of thrones, dr who) souad faress (bridget jones, game of thrones, sarah jane adventures, sense8) sam callis (game of thrones, dr who) struan rodger (game of thrones, dr who, stardust, chariots of fire) samantha spiro (babs, dr who, game of thrones) mark killeen (game of thrones, dark knight, 300, dr who) rhodri miles (game of thrones, atlantis, torchwood) sean buckley (fifth element, game of thrones, dr who, peaky blinders, wolf hall) david verrey (knightmare, dr who, game of thrones, the musketeers, ripper street) nicholas boulton (game of thrones, dr who) gary pillai (citizen khan, torchwood, game of thrones) peter silverleaf (i spit on your grave, downtime, game of thrones) robert goodman (gangs of new york, league of gentleman, game of thrones, dr who) alice henkin (the mummy, dr who, cuckoo, stella, game of thrones) gwyneth keyworth (hinterland, plebs, game of thrones, sarah jane adventures, misfits) jem wall (game of thrones, dr who, da vinci's demons, merlin) sabrina bartlett (versailles, dr who, poldark, da vinci's demons, game of thrones) ralph ineson (harry potter, the witch, guardians of the galaxy, sherlock, game of thrones) jim broadbent (cloud atlas, harry potter, gangs of new york, chronicles of narnia, game of thrones) daniel tuite (game of thrones, harry potter, cinderella) nicholas blane (the illusionist, harry potter, quacks, the musketeers, game of thrones) hattie gotobed (game of thrones, snow white, harry potter) bronson webb (harry potter, dark knight, kingdom of heaven, pirates of the carribbean, rogue one, game of thrones) sam redford (fantastic beasts, game of thrones, atlantis) freddie stroma (harry potter, pitch perfect, game of thrones) edward tudor-pole (harry potter, game of thrones) maxwell laird (harry potter, game of thrones) sally mortemore (harry potter, game of thrones) anthony john crocker (harry potter, game of thrones) mackenzie crook (pirates of the carribbean, tintin, game of thrones) nonso anozie (cinderella, ender's game, zoo, dr who, game of thrones) roger allam (v for vendetta, the book thief, pirates of the carribbean, woman in black, game of thrones) anthony morris (game of thrones, frankenstein chronicles, ripper street, family guy) sophie reid (beauty and the beast, game of thrones) ian mcshane (kung fu panda, pirates of the carribbean, john wick, game of thrones, american gods) dermot keaney (pirates of the carribbean, atlantis, the borgias, game of thrones) kenneth hadley (paddington, game of thrones) philip philmar (charlie and the chocolate factory, sweeney todd, taboo, john carter, game of thrones) ben fox (beauty and the beast, game of thrones) ed sheeran (the hobbit, game of thrones) jody halse (sweeney todd, pirates of the carribbean, national treasure, game of thrones) jon thor birgisson (how to train your dragon, criminal minds, game of thrones) lottie steer (paddington, les miserables, game of thrones) gerry o'brien (pirates of the carribbean, king arthur, ripper street, the tudors, the frankenstein chronicles, game of thones) oona chaplin (quantum of solace, game of thrones, avatar) sean bean (goldeneye, lord of the rings, the martian, percy jackson, game of thrones) tobias menzies (outlander, casino royale, underworld, game of thrones, dr who) patrick malahide (game of thrones, world is not enough, bridget jones, luther, law and order) derek horsham (spectre, spooks, game of thrones) francis magee (rogue one, sahara, game of thrones) jamie sines (rush, clash of the titans, game of thrones) emun elliott (prometheus, star wars, game of thrones) max von sydow (star wars, ghostbusters, game of thrones) roy dotrice (hellboy, beauty and the beast, game of thrones) adewale akinnuoye-agbaje (gi joe, mummy returns, game of thrones, thor, lost) mark lewis jones(star wars, atlantis, game of thrones, master and commander) jefferson hall (star wars, vikings, wizards vs aliens, game of thrones) rila fukushima (wolverine, ghost in the shell, arrow, game of thrones) mark roper (game of thrones, da vinci code, humans) will champion (amazing spiderman, hunger games, game of thrones) tamer hassan (clash of the titans, got, batman, kick-ass) raymond steers (star wars, game of thrones) michael schaeffer (rogue one, taboo, lucifer, game of thrones) matthew scurfield (indiana jones, sinbad, relic hunter, game of thrones) gary lightbody (spiderman 3, divergent, game of thrones)
  15. Graeme Garden

    Oh yes yes yes-I'd LOOOVE to meet Graeme. Please get him in Showmasters!!