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  1. Newcastle - Ari lehman - F13 Belfast - Lar Park-Lincoln - F13 Cardiff - Teri McMinn & John Dugan Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bournemouth - Don Shanks - Halloween 5 London - Linda Blair - The Exorcist Glasgow - Clare Higgins & Imogen Boorman - Hellraiser 1 & 2 Great Line up of Horror Guests so far from SM... Please Bring More to Glasgow...
  2. Friday 13th - Halloween - Texas Chainsaw massacre Guests PLEEEEEEASE
  3. Just noticed that Newcastle has Ari & Manchester has Ken.... anychance of those 2 coming to Glasgow????? Pleeeeease ...
  4. please get Ken to Glasgow - Met Ken before at MK...Awesome Guest - I had 58 Items signed that Weekend and My FvJ collection has grown since then... Please come to Glasgow
  5. OMG can't believe it...... what a Guest..... Please get him to Glasgow....
  6. OMG get ari to Glasgow please.......
  7. friday 13th - halloween - texas chainsaw massacre - it - scream - ALL the KILLERS would be awesome... tough ask I know... but ANY HORROR Icons is gonna be awesome... would be good to have a Michael Myers though or a chainsaw massacre..... I am delighted so far with the 2 Hellraiser Guests
  8. WOW this show is looking AWESOME.... 2 Fantastic Hellraiser Guests
  9. Hard to believe that Hellraiser came on to the scene 1987 so .. with 2017 being the 30th Anniversary of the Hellraiser Franchise it would be great to have a Re Union... whats the chances of that Happening Showmasters...
  10. over the moon with this announcement.... WOW .... PLEASE don't cancel.... this has made me a very happy guy....
  11. Very Nice gentlemen nice and chatty too - K9 now signed which he thanked me for bringing - Thank you again Showmasters
  12. Loved meeting Margot - few hundred spent to day on autographs and Photo shoot - just a few other things to get signed to morrow - Loved the chat too - one very chatty and funny lady - I love her honesty about movies - even the movies Margo has been in... looking forward to meeting her again to morrow. Cheers ShowMasters
  13. Loved meeting sean again - thats a few times ive met him now - Great guest
  14. Frikktaar Rshaabashki
  15. Cujo