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  1. Rats, was looking forward to meeting him! Hope he can make a future show!
  2. And I'm hazarding a guess you are finding it difficult to strategically place your excitement where none can find it?
  3. No, it's in the T&C's they're non transferable and non refundable, I'm afraid, Lionel.
  4. In the case where there's 2 shoots, Diamond Passes can go to either.
  5. There was one on the FAQ before Photobucket screwed their customers, there should be one coming on there if you check back every now and again.
  6. The only ones you can by at the area are the green screen & prop shoots where it's just you in them, mind, though.
  7. 1 change in the update and it makes Friday morning a bit easier, nice!
  8. Plus, he's attending LFCC for his enjoyment, and deserves the break when he can get it.
  9. Yes, as there's been no cancellation post for it.
  10. 4 days to go!!! Con week is here!!!
  11. It's mainly correct, the only thing is the photoshoot sessions won't give you time for a 'selfie' style photo as theses are for the professional photos, unless it's for a pose. As you said, you can ask for a selfie at their autograph desk if there are no signs up, but this will most likely mean you'd need to get an autograph while you're there. Hope this helps.
  12. Yes, both, as far as I'm aware.
  13. No, there'll be no problem at all with what's in your bag, superwondergirl. You're good to go!
  14. Hey Toby and welcome to the forum! Just a heads up, it's against forum rules to mention other events here on the forum, so you might want to edit your post to remove the mention of the other 2 events.