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  1. Don't you listen to the mean lady, Catherine. She's grouchy like this all the time*. (*She's not being grouchy, it's just the way it came across, me thinks. )
  2. Greg Grunberg, 2nd Daniel Dae Kim and Ali Larter
  3. Seeing this has slightly turned into a preference thread (lol), prefer having them printed out and in order of when they are, so entrance is at the front, then the shoots for the day, in order of when they are, and breaking down again into 1 set for me and 1 for my brother (At which point I'll give his to him, only for him to ask me where his are, like he did at last year's LFCC... )
  4. Not as far as I'm aware, Xwnomorph. You'd be called after the diamond passes, if there is any applicable, and before batch 1.
  5. You can leave and re-enter, LFCCQs, as the camel has said, just make sure you see a crew member at the doors so you can have your hand stamped
  6. Don't worry, Miss Rory, it'll only last a week.
  7. 2nd Cobie Smulders
  8. I... erm.... I don't know what you're talking about...
  9. No, don't say that!!! And you call yourself the Friendliest guy on the forum!
  10. What Sebster has said is correct. If you have the weekend pass, you just wave your wristband at the crew, whilst avoiding hitting anyone across the head.
  11. If you go into Account Settings, the Signature part is on the left. 3rd down, if I remember right, Dalek.
  12. Yes, you would. So if someone's auto was £15 and you wanted 3 items, you'd pay £45 in total.
  13. Not as hot as Domnhall Gleeson. Oof!
  14. Yeah, very decent of him. Don't get much of that over here, too much keeping to schedule. Must have done something nice for karma to treat you like that, Rory.