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  1. Fantastic beasts and where to find them
  2. Yes it did look real but we never know if it is the actual thing i am happy I saw that before the release of the movie which was a big highlight of that weekend for me as I was really looking forward to BvS
  3. Ok thanks for letting me know there replicas I thort they where the real thing from the actual movie but the one from batman forever I saw wen I was very young it was the real one from the actual movie because it was behind glass wen I saw it
  4. I was going to borrow the DVD set off my friend nearly plus I am just wondering if anyone on the forum has watched it plus the batmobile back at the time as I know nearly looks like a police car plus would love to see that in real life. I have seen 2 batmobile seen in person so far as I remember i have seen the one from batman forever. and last year saw the one from BvS Dawn of justice at a showmasters event. Plus the one I really want to see one day in the one from 1989 and batman returns it's my most favourite one. also on the look out for the one from the 1966 tv series.
  5. Yay my chance to meet Peter Mayhew
  6. My count down to LFACC started ages ago back in February
  7. Ok thanks Martin I did see that aswell soon as he was announced as he was announced I did get excited wen he was announced as he was my favourite villain in the last crusade
  8. As far as I remembered last year for LFACC spring 2016 ground floor 1st signing area where to the left as soon as the doors where opened far back ground floor 2nd signing area then up stairs was the 3rd signing area. If they are in one room and the guest 2 I am going for the 3 TWD guest will be sitting right next to each other and the the GOT guests will be won't they. I Already know about diamond guests anyway they will be in privet booths for them selfs my day is nearly all sorted and just need to keep track on the photo shoot schedule wen that is posted which will happen on the week and the floor plan.
  9. Damn I miss read there raylenth busy deciding out of the 3 now thort it said Friday don't worry mistakes can happy I think I am going to get kristian Nairn
  10. I am not going the day he is attending
  11. I think it would be amazing to have all of the original gryfindor team from HP 1&2 attend have them all in a row on one table
  12. Ok I have mis read but thanks
  13. Have entrances been confirmed queen so same as last years LFCC 2016 standard entrance red arrow to Olympia west for 2017
  14. Omg that was a very big shock to us all as he was doing his last European event plus I feel sorry for all who have booked there diamond pass and photoshoots my suggestion for showmasters before the event opens on Friday we should have a 1 minute silence as he was going to attend. Edited by moderator - please see below.
  15. Ok close one nearly thought it was one of the 3 I am meeting