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  1. Oh My! I missed that year.... full of regret now haha Nooooooooooo!
  2. I can feel my wallet shrinking as we get closer...... ohh lovely money.... be gone haha
  4. I can imagine lots of people wearing that on the day... male, female and animals and aliens!
  5. Never really heard of this happening the last few years. Interesting how some charge more for certain items. No idea what I would get signed if I was meeting Pamela. Just a photo so far, but things are always fluid on the day :-D
  6. Pamela turns 50 years young in July as well. So hey Happy Birthday to all of us as well :-D
  7. Long? Wasnt me was it. Mine was fairly long.
  8. Haha love looking at a list like that and thinking MY GOD YOU HAVE A DREAM JOB :-D
  9. Crikey good ol Pamela! Iconic to say the least. Part of my growing up years watching Baywatch on a Saturday afternoon as a teenager. She demanded the viewer to look at her. I even like her comic book film Barb Wire. May have to buy it in HD if its out there So a photo is a must with her
  10. See you are all getting me Aliens excited again haha
  11. Ahhhh I knew he had done some in the UK, never knew he already had visited Glasgow. Hopefully he does another visit this year or next..... London, Newcastle or Glasgow would please me haha Desperate to sat Hello to him and finish my Aliens cast meeting :-D
  12. If you can get all 17 in one day my hat will be tipped on your general direction.
  13. I will get me yellow budgie smugglers ready!
  14. That would be heaven! Imagine the fresh cool air....
  15. One more ALIENS guest. I beg you Showmasters. Going there just for them (and food and the lovely sights at the con). So I beg you one more Aliens guest. I can dream of Lance Hendrikson..... ohhhhhhhh I would cry if he was announced. Tears of joy of course :-D