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  1. He was tiny in the Hobbit....
  2. Just noticed who it is!!!!!! He is out of a job..... It is OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it Mr President.
  3. Mmmmmm the mention of Quantum Leap....... ohhhh Bakula....... Ohhhh he will be ours!
  4. He did say he would be back.....
  5. My eye patch idea was for me to wear if that helps :-) funnier me having it in than him I think haha
  6. Yup I did think its Buffys big year. They got most the cast together in America for a photo shoot. So not hard to imagine many cast members being the Big announcememt. Its an important show as well. The main stars even would be a great catch. Sarah and David and the rest as hey some others are doing UK cons from Showmasters on June So we never know. And hey some people named in this thread would never get a whole week and be classed as Big etc.. I say think Big, no way it will be someone not well known that is for sure. We can buy hope for a belter of a guest/guests.
  7. I seriously need to do more this year. Bore photos of me with guests need sprucing up! David Morrissey as the Guvna from Walking Dead I will cut out a simple black piece of card and make a quick eye patch. Why not! But need some great ideas that are not too time consuming or odd haha But its a joy looking through hundreds of images taken that day of what some people dream up!
  8. The Walking Dead Iron Man!
  9. I would say you may well get all them autographs :-) fingers crossed. Only one you may struggle with could be Steven Yeun, but hey you never know how easy it is to get signatures until the day :-) if you are there early and all day, until closing time then it can get vastly quieter later on in the last hour so you can find guests with no line :-D but good luck and think posative.
  10. Awwww nice late one :-)
  11. Hahaha I thought it was tommorow (I am blind with the date on the announcement!). Oh my good golly a whole Week! Haha Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........
  12. Ahhhh that would be cracking! Hope they bring that back one time in the future.
  13. Well the Red word Warning says a lot to some I am sure ;-)
  14. Just do what I try to do. Forget about Prometheus and Covenant and think of them as another franchise. As Ridley Scott is destroying the Alien name all by himself. Shameful stuff. Mr Skerritt was masterful, much like the film itself. As you say it really makes you admire Alien more looking at the crap that gets made these days.