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  1. If I didn't like the line up, I wouldn't go :-) go for the people you love I say.
  2. Not that far fetched if he was touring with his band at the same time in the UK :-) he does cons, but if he was in the area it would be much easier for him. He seems to enjoy meeting us fans :-)
  3. Where are you lot getting facehuggers these days haha Always suprised they dont sell them at cons with Aiens guests. Or they sell out instantly. Mark is in Newcastle in a few month's.... If I go I may be tempted to say Hello all over again. I could chat for hours with him haha
  4. Jeez I was there 6 hours and still missed them Then!
  5. Was there any comic book artists? I saw none.
  6. Imdb ALL guests before an event. It takes seconds! It's not hard too put a tiny bit of effort in. Mark was also in the classic Hard Rain - where they did it all for real before CGI ruined disaster films. He is awesome to chat with as he has had such a varied and extensive career. Fun guy, enjoying his con life. He also took a photo of the crowd at the packed Aliens talk. If you were there, You may be in his photo. Standing room only as it packed out.
  7. The last few Aliens cast members not doing many cons...... Paul Reiser just joined the cast of Stranger Things, so a reason to see Paul back in the UK for Aliens ;-) Please......
  8. Ahhh wonderful :-) sadly I am only there Saturday, so will have to do Mark and Jenette separately as I got Collette a while back. Wish I had been going Sunday now for the duo shoot. Next time! Still lucky you lot anyone going for them :-D
  9. Ahh well a shame. They could have had another 30 quid off me easy haha Still nicely spaced out day for me. No rushing and should be very easy going.
  10. I will cross my fingers for an Aliens double shoot still..... pleeeeease :-D
  11. She is lovely :-) had a great chat with her about The Descent when she visited Newcastle.
  12. I will be there as well, front row hopefully. Aliens..... ohhhhh!
  13. Ahhh good on you with the free cancellation! As never really done that before (or noticed it was included). May do it myself now haha :-D will keep my eyes peeled for best cheap deals.
  14. Been in that area a lot on that street over the last 5 years (8 times I Think) and bed, sleep and breakfast is always fine for me. I use cheap ear plugs and sleep heavenly haha But that long street of hotels are all the same pretty much. I have been on ground floor, basement, back and street side. I still go back, so it shows you I haven't had anything too bad. No bed bugs, really sad to hear that happened shippercrazy. That could even put me off! I paid from £20 to £55 on that street. So for the price I cannot complain. I keep going back, that says somethimg (that I am cheap haha).
  15. Yup I was there as well. Cheap, simple and nice pretty unlimited breakfast. They even gave me a double room this year for myself :-D for £50 it's hard to argue.