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  1. Now that would be amazing !!
  2. Eeee Awesome!! I was so hoping for this announcement .... excited much
  3. It was posted that next week the latest confirmations are going out.
  4. This is pants much!
  5. i got Margot to sign my 'Black Christmas' dvd last year, she commented that she hadnt seen that dvd cover before. im going for Funko Pop for Linda Blair. Michael Myers poster for Chris. My Friday 13th Book for Robbi and Adrienne. Hellraiser Book for Andrew and Imogen. Waynes World LP & Relic Hunter Box Set for Tia.
  6. Awesome can't wait to meet her! Loved watching relic hunter
  7. Photo & Auto: Linda Blair Andrew Robinson Tia Carrere Auto Only: Robbie & Adrienne Imogen Boorman Chris Durand Veronica Cartwright Tom Skerrit
  8. Such an awesome guest! 3 aliens guests now ??
  9. Great guest! Added to my list 😃
  10. 😊😊 will be getting the joint shoot. Awesome guest
  11. Amazing. Ahhh to many guests to meet now 😊😊😊
  12. Amazing 😁😁😁 awesome announcement
  13. This is amazing 😊😀😊😊😀😊😀 so excited to meet him
  14. Will we be able to send in for bob? Can't see him in the shop ☺