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  1. Lea

    I'm arriving Tuesday.
  2. But Sherlock's a girl's name...
  3. I'm looking at going to Universal too. But I've need to go before the con, since I fly home the day after.
  4. No worries! If you change your mind or have a rethink about the dust jacket option, just let me know. And as for getting excited for LA, yep. I fly down two months from tomorrow.
  5. Ah, I always say hindsight is a wonderful thing. One thing to maybe consider, when they put the pre order details up for the LA Sherlocked, if they allow send in's, you could send it to them to get her to sign just in case we don't get her at this one. That's part of the reason I do my auto list so I know before I go up and get all panicky who I want on what. Well, I say I do it to help me but you saw what happened to me in Ben's queue and how useless it turned out to be for him! That's a brilliant idea. I will remember. And you weren't useless in Ben's queue! I thought you were very organised and even got him using the right pens on the right things! And I'm glad I got to help - it gave me more time to talk to him... I'd offer to get your Chronicles signed by Amanda at LA for you, but I think the shipping on a book that heavy would be roughly the same cost as you getting a flight out yourself.
  6. It's Sian. I really am going to need a series 4 related thing for signings. Birmingham is turning out pretty much series 4 people.
  7. Ohhh yes! Well remembered JHW. I may just sqeee myself into a pile of mush if it ever happened. I'll NEVER really be blasรจ about Benedict appearing but if Martin does go I may be a bit Benedict who? Yeah been there, met him.... (not really but you know what I mean) I know exactly what you mean! Meeting Ben has been such a HUUUGE highlight for me each time it's happened, and completely unbelievable; but he somehow seems more accessible than Martin, who's much more remote. I've been a fan of his for such a long time (since Bruiser, which I realise is a niche reference!) that it would be like seeing a golden eagle in the garden, or something! Martin was absolutely lovely at stage door for Richard III, but I really want a chance at a photo op with him. And as for meeting Benedict, he was great at the last Sherlocked (even when my darling husband spent all our time with him at the autographs asking him to convince Martin to do the next convention.)
  8. On the "ever hopeful it's Martin' front... They did post about a big guest announcement for England on FB back at the beginning of February that never quite materialized. In the comments they said they were just waiting for finalization of the contracts. If that was related to this guest announcement, then it MIGHT be someone as big as Martin.
  9. I do hope those signatures were done in something permanent, rather than the wipe-off pen usually used. Otherwise there could be a very sad winning bidder!
  10. 3 months today is also the last day of the US con. (At which point I'll be really eagerly counting down the 5 months to Birmingham.)
  11. I'm definitely up for meetups during the weekend!
  12. Chronicles is bloody heavy though if you'll pardon my french. Lucky my husband's decided to tag along again. He's good at carrying the heavy stuff.
  13. I might start on my Chronicles. It'd save my juggling yet another poster (currently at 3.)
  14. Yeah, the one poster I've seen isn't one I really like. I don't like the estranged John and Sherlock aesthetic.
  15. Now I need to start looking for a series 4 poster for signatures.