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  1. Oh yeah I'm happy to give her a chance and I'm sure with great storylines she will be good. I remember not being sure about the last three either so it's a case of wait and see as David Tennant ended up being my favourite and I also enjoyed Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi It's a shame how some react.
  2. I'm on the fence too I liked her in Broadchurch but I'm just not sure I wanted a female doctor
  3. Have you seen its been announced? I would have liked it to be Kris Marshall
  4. I'm here as well though my focus is mostly on London at the moment so will be getting more excited about Sherlocked after that
  5. He was lovely at Collectormania one of the nicest guests I've met I might just have to have another photo
  6. Means you won't have to wait until to Sherlocked to see him though
  7. Ooh I like quizzes I might try and make it though I'll be on my own
  8. Shame as I already have a lot planned for the Saturday think I will just try and get their autos instead of a photo
  9. He was a true gent and so pleased I opted to have a photo with him
  10. I had a great day meeting Dean Cain who was lovely and also had a photo with Pele who was great. Good choice of stalls and plenty of room looking forward to next year
  11. Wow ace I managed to get her auto when she did When Harry Met Sally but need a pic
  12. Yay super excited
  13. I can't book until next week but will be going - does anyone know if he does stage door signing?
  14. 1st David Tennant 2nd Paul McGann 3rd Jon Pertwee 4th Patrick Troughton 5th William Hartnell 6th Colin Baker 7th Sylvester McCoy 8th Peter Davidson 9th Christopher Eccleston 10th Tom Baker 11th John Hurt 12th Matt Smith 13th Peter Capaldi