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    Ooh that's really not long at all
  2. Guest Suggestions

    I'd like to meet the following Diego Luna Chris Hemsworth David Boreanaz Sarah Michelle Gellar Seth Green Holly Marie Combs Brian Krause Johnny Galecki David Tennant
  3. Hamlet Help!

    Martin Freeman and Benedict

    Considering how long ago I booked my ticket it's really not very long at all now
  5. Hamlet Help!

    Have booked something to look forward to before Sherlocked
  6. Hamlet Help!

    Ooh thanks I missed seeing it originally so will watch this
  7. Sales Desk Queue Nightmare

    I wanted to buy a CL diamond pass and it said online sales had ended so I went to the sales desk to purchase as they were able to overide it. Usually if I decide to last minute buy I do use my phone but couldn't in this case.
  8. There were also non dealers getting more than 5 in some queues - they did have permission to get that many but I think they should have to queue twice when there is a long queue.
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - MATT LUCAS

    Yes he was and he was lovely
  10. RIP - Chester Bennington

    I was speechless when I read this one of my favourite bands. Very sad and thoughts with his family.
  11. 13th Doctor revealed

    Oh yeah I'm happy to give her a chance and I'm sure with great storylines she will be good. I remember not being sure about the last three either so it's a case of wait and see as David Tennant ended up being my favourite and I also enjoyed Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi It's a shame how some react.
  12. 13th Doctor revealed

    I'm on the fence too I liked her in Broadchurch but I'm just not sure I wanted a female doctor
  13. So who is every one bettinng on the new Dr

    Have you seen its been announced? I would have liked it to be Kris Marshall
  14. Sherlocked UK 2017

    I'm here as well though my focus is mostly on London at the moment so will be getting more excited about Sherlocked after that
  15. Latest Guest Announcement - DEAN CAIN

    He was lovely at Collectormania one of the nicest guests I've met I might just have to have another photo