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  1. Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Thread

    These news articles circling today are utterly pathetic... mind you it is The Sun and the Daily Fail. "In leaked information" - as in the widely advertised ticket price on the SM website for HOW long??? Idiots. If you don't like the prices, don't pay them. #simples
  2. Photo Advice

    She signed my autograph book separately and I added it afterwards in photoshop using the witchcraft and pixie dust setting...
  3. Photo Advice

    I do the same, although I found this year that even my own scans of the images come out much lighter than the digital versions available later on (unless you start doing some photoshop manipulation to get the right balance). My scanned version (even set to 300dpi): Digital version from SM:
  4. Prints I got at the time all look light compared with these digital downloads, which are pretty much spot on and fantastic. Were they doing this on the day to save ink/printing time or something? If so, no wonder everyone was complaining about the Pamela Anderson photos which look comparable online to my print versions from the day! Though this is over-compensating "just a tad"... http://showmasters.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Benedict-Cumberbatch-gallery/G0000qreKv3JxdbQ/I00000.ViTajKiXI/C0000lH6DX49gzYE
  5. Frames for photos

  6. Frames for photos

  7. Guest suggestions.

    Alice Krige again please. I know she's a fairly regular attendee, but I want to get my photo redone with her. For some reason all Friday ones last time look too dark, especially when you compare them with the Saturday collection. Think the flash wasn't working properly or lighting not quite properly set up, obviously had nothing to compare it with at the time so couldn't raise the issue whilst there.
  8. "No photos" question

    Yes I heard let's say "A guest at a recent SM event" say "I'll probably get into trouble for this" before allowing an autograph queue selfie. Suggests to me it's initially part of a pre-arranged contractual agreement rather than purely down to how an individual guest on the day may or may not be feeling (though equally if they're not well one day I'd understand the additional request) - yes this may well be because they either have security issues, photo shoots or time constraints to get through as many signings as possible. If they were doing it for everyone more would miss out on a signing opportunity. Consistency is the key I guess, so long as we're all being given the same opportunity there should be no cause for complaining...
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - TRICIA HELFER

    She was clearly thrown off guard as you didn't have a table like mine to mount...
  10. Guest suggestions.

    Seems Robert Beltran will be in York playing Macbeth next year, try and get him whilst he's here!?
  11. Dean Cain Appreciation Thread

    even spoke to my PA in fluent Spanish after asking his name.
  12. Fave moment of the convention?

    I believe I overheard that whilst I was at photo E. He was right! My favourite moment was actually a sequence of events: Meeting Dean Cain in the autograph queue and getting him to sign a letter I'd received from Chris Reeve whilst I was in hospital (I had the same injury) Meeting Benedict Cumberbatch for all of a few seconds, but seeing his reaction to my surname when I mentioned it on my way out (and the reaction on Twitter since has been hilarious) Tricia Helfer both in the autograph when I chatted with her, and what followed in the photo shoot at the end of Saturday Whilst #3 was going on, being name dropped by Dean Cain during his free talk on the main stage (about our interaction in #1), been feeling chuffed ever since! Fab value for my money.
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - TRICIA HELFER

    This lady is far too far down the conversation thread for my liking. She was an absolute delight to meet, had a great chat with her in the autograph queue where we shared our mutual love of owning cats (though I have two, she has THIRTEEN!!!). Later in her photoshoot she still remembered me from earlier. When she checked with the photographer whether she should stand or crouch next to my wheelchair I cheekily said "how about sprawled across my table?". She laughed and replied "yeah let's go for it" and sat on the side of my table (effectively met my suggestion halfway!). Really hoping the online photo shows more that what was in the print, but this at least should show what happened if you look closely enough! A lovely, lovely lady. Please get her to come back again.
  14. Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Thread

    Michelle, did you know you made it onto the Radio Times website along with me and a few others? I second everything everyone's said on here. Despite the short amount of time we each had with him and the high premium, I thought he was worth every pound of it! Some of the pics on that link are hi-LAR-ious!
  15. My Lfcc experiance

    Sorry to hear about your experience Dreamsphere, though I have to say I agree I've seen others experience similar issues. At another SM event previously I was stood next to a lady who found it difficult to walk and even though she had the extra help form, she did not get the same preferential treatment I did. proving you have a disability to someone (anyone from your great volunteer team who are already stressed enough at the events) who is not an expert in the field is almost an impossible task - especially when you consider mental, learning or transient disabilities. The system broadly speaking works, but it needs refinement. I'm more than happy to feedback to extrahelp@ as you suggested Raylenth. From what I can see so far only UK proofs of disability are accepted: what happens if you're coming from somewhere else in the world? Many venues are now starting to accept online submissions for disability proof in advance of the event so time can be properly taken to examine and grant people onto an accessibility database which is then stored for a period of time (say a year, then you don't have to repeatedly submit proofs). I do this with venues when booking music tickets and needing a carer to accompany me, could SM consider doing something similar? It would make on the day administration significantly easier if much of this could be done beforehand and you only need to prove your ID to match your name against one of your lists. Despite attending a number of SM events now I've never actually been asked to provide my proof on the day, though I guess my huge electric wheelchair and poor PA running behind me to catch up are usually sufficient indicators.