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  1. So I reckon the first guest will be male, and famous for his work on either Doctor Who or Star Wars or Red Dwarf. Also a repeat guest; this won't be their first time. I figure that's a reasonably broad yet still somewhat specific guestimation!
  2. RIP Harry Dean Stanton

    I was first introduced to him when I watched Big Love years ago (from which I also became a fan of Bill Paxton). He and I were birthday buddies. RIP Harry, this is such sad news.
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Emily Browning
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Peter Outerbridge
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Having Tobin Bell back would be brilliant
  6. Cosplay thread

    For ideas, pictures, what-have-you... ...Because some of us need a year to prepare.
  7. Ahhhhhhhh finally

    I'm enjoying this board while it's still a tidy single page. That won't last long.
  8. Showmasters appreciation thread

    Go Showmasters!
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Nina Dobrev
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Nina Dobrev
  11. I did wonder whether or not this was a deliberate new feature.
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Shawnee Smith
  13. Guest Suggestions

  14. Sylvester McCoy seems like a safe bet.
  15. New Conventions ???

    Probably not since there is already a convention held in Northamptonshire every year (is this vague enough to avoid being censored, or..?)
  16. Guest Suggestions

    Aidan Gillen
  17. Guest Suggestions

  18. 100% Horror Event

    I'll improve the numbers by buying 50 Costas Mandylor photoshoots if you get him.
  19. Guest Suggestions

    Any and all Game of Thrones cast
  20. Guest Suggestions

    Some Merlin guests this year would be fantastic. I know the show ended five years ago but the fandom is still going strong and the cast have moved onto other projects that would make them fairly big names at cons (Katie McGrath in Supergirl, for instance).
  21. David Bradley

    Didn't meet him this year, but I met him a couple of years ago and he was just as lovely then!
  22. Post Con Blues

    It feels like so much longer than a week ago.
  23. Guest Suggestions

    Granted I've only been doing Collectormania for three years but each one I've been to has had a healthy amount of sports guests.
  24. The Adventures Of Tim Balloon

    Fantastic Photoshop skills. Truly, it brings a tear to my eye.