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  1. Interesting! Close enough for me to check this one out.
  2. Going to take a guess and say Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, or maybe Leeds? Just thinking some of the bigger cities. Would have loved a Bristol convention when I lived down there! *quietly hopes for York*
  3. Now Raylenth, we all know that's not true. I mean I'm pretty sure I've seen multiple Spider-Mans strolling around at every LFCC I've attended.
  4. Interesting! ('BIG' guest? Any other architecture nerds on here immediately think what I did? ) I have no idea, but is the Avengers still filming in the UK in July? Hey, doesn't Spider-Man live in London? If not someone from a classic franchise like Star Wars, BTTF etc, I feel like that's the level of guest that would get called 'big' for sure! Maybe it's a Ghostbusters actor to compliment Ernie Hudson? Sure would be amazingly big if it were Bill Murray or Dan Ackroyd! Edit: got confused which con Ernie was attending! Either way, Ghostbusters guests would be big.
  5. Still weighing up whether I can make this one, would be GREAT if one or two more guests from my main autograph collections are announced to seal the deal So! A few X-Men suggestions as per: Jason Flemyng, Ray Park, Sean Teale, Ed Skrein, Sophie Turner, Stephen Moyer, Alan Cumming, Stephen Merchant, Richard E Grant, Patrick Stewart, and of course any of the other 80 or so X-Men/Deadpool/Legion/Gifted cast. LOST: Naveen Andrews, Rebecca Mader, Adewale Akkinuoye Agbaje, Dominic Monaghan, Zuliekha Robinson, Henry Ian Cusick to name but a few. I'm largely just listing UK actors in hopes they're somehow easier to schedule (despite probably not even living here anymore!)
  6. Really bloody cool! Very jealous.
  7. Thanks QS!
  8. Checked again and it's still the same. Not an urgent issue as I was only going to put a few guest suggestions, just wondered if anybody else had noticed the same?
  9. Any of the cast from Legion! And the X-Men series in general!
  10. Hey, I don't seem to have the option to reply to topics on the Cardiff forum when using my mobile. Neither the green 'Reply to this topic' box at the top of a thread nor the white box at the end. It lets me start new topics though! I checked all the other event forums and it's the same case for the Newcastle one in October, but every other is fine
  11. I feel like the popular TV show clue from Twitter is probably Buffy related, which would be cool!
  12. Random thought, has Carrie Anne Moss ever attended an event/a rare signer? Just speculating other possible Iron Fist guests. Though I very vaguely remember reading that Jessica Jones S2 would be filming back to back with The Defenders so guess that might hinder things if it's filming at all around then.
  13. Nice! Had hoped he'd be announced again for a later event.
  14. Been hoping so badly for an X-Men guest this year, so if 'cool' is an actual clue, it would be fantastic if it were Shawn Ashmore! Otherwise, Selma Blair, Luke Goss, Anna Walton, Rupert Evans and Jeffrey Tambor would really compliment the other Hellboy guests!