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  1. I'm sure he'll be mega busy, but if Joss Whedon is in the UK for Justice League reshoots, and it being Buffy's anniversary...
  2. I've had a look for you, and there was one that looked good (leaving London at 6:30 travelling to Coventry for 8:15, and then a connecting bus arriving at Birmingham Airport for 8:52) but the seats have unfortunately sold out. I suppose with the train you don't have to worry about any changes at least!
  3. Have you booked the train yet? if not, have you considered bus travel instead? The journey would be longer overall but buses to/from London can operate during the night/early morning and so possibly arrive earlier as well. I would take a look at the National Express or Megabus websites. Hope that's help at all!
  4. My first thought when he was announced was also Eurovision. Loved the moment he and the co-hosts got their own back on Graham Norton!
  5. Here's where I come out of the con with a lot of autographs... but with all their corners nibbled off from hunger.
  6. Sigh... I know. *food or autographs.... food or autographs...*
  7. Just made a list of everyone (announced so far) that I'd be interested in meeting. 29! Wow, Showmasters, thank you! Going to have to reduce that down to about 5 or 6 to fit my budget though
  8. Wesley! Great to see an Angel guest, cheers showmasters!
  9. So, Star Wars Episode 9 is released on 24th May 2019, according to google..
  10. Indeed! There's 5 even! John Cleese, Zoe Wanamaker, Mark Williams, Robert Hardy and Sean Biggerstaff
  11. Hmm unless I'm missing something there aren't many guesses at all on facebook, -and looking at the twitter guesses, Emma Watson was mentioned immediately before The tweet. Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast? She'd definitely get that sort of week long build up, but I don't know about the other clues... I don't know Beauty and the Beast story at all. Another guess I saw on twitter that hasn't been said here and might fit the clues is Emma Thompson?
  12. And he was definitely blue in Batman & Robin
  13. Emilia Clarke? e? Obviously. Multiple fandoms? Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Terminator. Something old etc? Arguments can be made for old and new, and marriage was a big thing for Daenerys once, but blue?
  14. Oh hey, how about Oscar Isaac? Old in the sense of Apocalypse being ancient, New in the sense of the Star Wars franchise, something borrowed because of his jacket(?), and blue because, well, Apocalypse. Think he'd be the sort to get a major week long build up as well! edit: new clue, the letter 'e' - pretty sure it's not Oscar Isaac then!