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  1. I am sad as I really wanted to meet him. Last year I was very disappointed he cancelled so when he was announced this year I was happy. Today I woke up to this. Very, very sad
  2. Noooooo!!!!!!!
  3. I am back!! Yeah!!!! I had a moment of pure shock earlier
  4. I was wondering... how tall is Too Tall?
  5. Diego Luna Jeremy Renner Chris Evans (although i don't like him that much since he done something bad in my dream)
  6. Then it will be too cold
  7. It's too hot to feel excited
  8. It was nothing like the old ones. It was more action than fantasy and humor. But as a standalone movie it was ok
  9. With me he was more open. He was like "have another one on me. You want 10? Take ten!" Lol
  10. Kim Coates <3 The last day he literally called me and gave me three autographs for free. He tried to give me more, but I was like no, it's fine Kim, thank you lol Lots of hugs and kisses. Amazing guy!
  11. The Mummy. Had zero expectations, went to see it out of boredom and I was pleasantly surprised as it didn't suck that much. Good action movie.
  12. Riverdale cast!
  13. I've seen it a lot of times. At least 20. I am watching it every now and then even if the revival wasn't the best