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  1. Photos - david Morrissey, dean Cain x2, mads mikkelson, Pamela Anderson, Ian McDiarmid, Benedict Cumberbatch, Christopher Lloyd, Bernard Cribbins, William Regal, Rosie Jane, Benedict Wong, Joe Dinicol, Gemma Whelan, Matt Lucas, David Bradley, Natalie Dormer, Michelle Harrison, John Cleese and Kevin Smith autos - david Morrissey, dean Cain, Ian McDiarmid, Benedict Cumberbatch, Joe Dinicol, David Bradley, Jeremy Bulloch, Kevin smith, Dave Prowse, Michelle Harrison, Jimmy Vee, Alan Harris, and Natalie Dormer a joy to meet every single one of them and roll on next year!!
  2. Let's see if I can get some uploaded here
  3. Decided to do a video about the wonderful time I had last weekend. You can check it out here - Thanks if you watch!
  4. David Tennant Paul Rudd Elizabeth Olsen Mark Ruffallo Rainn Wilson Stone Cold Steve Austin to name but a few....
  5. Dean was someone I was excited to meet when he was announced for collectormania. Sadly I didn't get to go due to family issues and was delighted when I saw he was announced for lfcc. I had my photo with him on Friday. He loved my He-Man shirt and was such a nice guy. I then decided to get my autograph from him and again, was a true gent. I explained why I couldn't meet him at Birmingham. He was very sincere and was chatting away to me. I was explaining about how much I enjoyed him in Las Vegas. He laughed and said he almost...almost felt bad for getting paid for working there. He signed my comic "To Chris, from one superman to another". I enjoyed my time with him so much, I bought a photo for Sunday and got a photo of us hugging. A true gent and one of the nicest people I've ever met at a convention. Thanks showmasters.
  6. For someone as busy as he was, he took a few minutes with everyone either in the photoshoot or getting his autograph. He was very thankful of me taping off the section of the comic to get signed. I bought the diamond pass for him and was so happy to get to meet him. A Marvel guest was what I wanted and I couldn't have been happier to meet him!
  7. I had three clashes on Saturday. Ian McDiarmid I went to first and got my photo. I then headed to Christopher lloyds queue which was in photo booth was a complete mess and everyone was queuing up and there was no batch number calling or anything. This put me in a frantic mood as I had another clash coming up. I went and even got my Benedict Cumberbatch photo done (diamond pass) and headed to Christopher Lloyd again. I managed to get my photo done and had to head from c to e for William Regal who I was last in the queue. Christopher Lloyds photo started at around 9.30 and William Regal was at 10.50...I was a stressed mess after all the running around. This was my only complaint of the weekend was that Friday and Sunday seemed better organised than Saturday.
  8. Heading to the organisers booth regarding this myself. All my other photos are perfect as always
  9. Sweet. Will save waiting during the con. Think this will make life easier for everyone so again, thanks for this!
  10. I'm guessing it's a screening of dr strange with mads and Benedict commentating on it. Something like that
  11. Looking forward to this photo! Too many awesome guests to meet!
  12. Oh please be David tennant....
  13. Photo booked for Sunday! Thanks again showmasters, another amazing guest!
  14. Have a photo booked with him. Gotta love Comic Book Men!! Thanks showmasters!!