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  1. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Charmed guests SOA guests The 100 guests Horror guests especially Shawnee Smith and Cary Elwes Dexter guests Defiance guests JAIME MURRAY fits both Dexter and defiance
  2. 2018 anniversary movies

    Jurassic park is 25 next year so I think it's the perfect time to try get sam Neill :)
  3. Wrong Name's Wround Up!

    Definitely will :)
  4. Wrong Name's Wround Up!

    Was going to but I'm shy when it comes to going up to people lol next time for sure :)
  5. Post your lfcc pics here!

    How's everyone uploading pics :)
  6. Wrong Name's Wround Up!

    Well I red the whole thing :) I saw you a few times over the weekend :)
  7. Experience with the SOA guys

    I got his auto Saturday and he was exactly the same on Sunday by the sounds of it On Sunday morning Tommy and David were fine it was Saturday where I wasn't impressed
  8. Experience with the SOA guys

    That is exactly what happened with me, the woman behind him had to tell him I was there he signed it and then lent back and that was it, was very disappointed
  9. Tbh I'm glad I didn't get that now, what the hell is that bike it's dreadful I'm so sorry you had this experience the photographer should have zoomed in abit the floor looks horrible :/
  10. Hey just wondering what everyone thought of the SOA guys, I met them all both yesterday and Saturday and had different experiences. Tommy was a bit off in Saturday during his autograph and David was dreadful on Saturday. I went to see him about 4 on Saturday he was clearly drunk and drinking another beer whilst I was there and completely ignored me when I said hello and thanks and didn't want to engage at all. Mark was lovely though he gave me a hug and said I was as cute as a button so just wondered if anyone else had any different experiences with them? On Sunday Tommy and David were acting better in the photoshoots though but this was in the morning so don't know how they were the rest of the day :/ Had an awesome weekend though :)
  11. Crew Appreciation Thread

    I want to thank the lady that was outside at 10.25ish today for letting me skip the massive queue as my train from luton was cancelled until 10 so had to travel elsewhere to get a train into London so was late and had to get to David Labrava photoshoot before half past when it finished. I'd also like to thank the two ladies doing the photo area D for David shoot for calming me down as I was so out of breath from running, I made the shoot with minutes to spare and poor David had to take his hoodie and that off as he was about to leave. So whoever you are THANK YOU :)
  12. Emilio Rivera

    Ok thanks :)
  13. Emilio Rivera

    So Tommy Flanagan tweeted earlier saying LFCC with mark Boone jr, David Labrava AND emilio rivera so I'm a little confused did he just announce emilio is coming