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  1. Very much this :)
  2. In the last 2 years I have never printed a ticket for an SM event. I just use my watch and/or phone. People do seem to be concerned about battery but mine has never run out and even if it did, I keep a mobile charger in my bag that would solve the problem. Saves having to try and scramble through all those pieces of paper trying to find the right one, and it helps the planet :)
  3. They don't appear to be up there yet. Keep checking back, sometimes it can take SM a few days to add them.
  4. *sigh* The auto correct on my computer has not been my friend recently
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they keep them in the hope of the guest returning, but I doubt SM will actually comment on what they do with them.
  6. If you look at the picture that was put up, they did indeed say big.
  7. Yay!
  8. I have a few posters were on the same type of paper. Maybe these are just higher quiality paper as well!
  9. Yes, they were printed on normal poster type paper last year.
  10. The last 2 years have been different from each other, but assuming they do the same as last year, they were about A3. The year before were a different shape and slightly bigger.
  11. From the clues I've seen, I'm not 100%, but I'll go for David Tennant.
  12. It's a way to make the queuing a bit easier on the day. When the shoot starts, the crew will call the diamond pass holders (for diamond guests only) then Gold pass holders, then batch 1, batch 2 etc. It basically means there won't be 500 odd people trying to queue up at the same time. The higher batch number you have, the later in the shoot you will be called and may even be in the second shoot time if the guest is doing multiple shoots. And as with VQ tickets, you can join anytime after you batch has been called.
  13. As a regular at Showmasters events, I don't think that they would do a big build up for Dave. As much as he does deserve it!
  14. Was looking a little low, so here's a lovely bump.