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    I'm good but I can't work miracles!

    I have my ways of finding 'lost' things

    That's my favourite episode.

    This guy?
  5. 2018 Anniversaries

    That was this year
  6. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Wow, this thread really won't die, will it?! Even with next year's forum open (meaning no one will look here for guest suggestions), people are still posting! It's almost impressive!
  7. RIP Harry Dean Stanton

    As a massive fan of Alien this is sad news indeed. He was a great actor who will be missed.
  8. The films you've seen, in 2017

    I'm proud of my work and stand by it
  9. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Kubo; Suburban Commando Ouija; Mac and Me Silent; Speed 2 China; Shark Attack 3 - Megladon Popstar; Showgirls Secret; Batman and Robin Best; The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Gifts; Spice World When; Wild Wild West Chicken; Eight Legged Freaks Angry. Alvin and the Chipmunks - The Squeakuel
  10. The films you've seen, in 2017

    I did enjoy it. It's the kids that make the film. Their acting and interaction throughout is great and reminded me very much of Stranger Things which was ironically based on films/shows like the original IT mini series. One of the ST kids is even one of them, but he is playing a very different type of character so it doesn't feel the same. I'd say go watch it because of that. If you want to go and see a film that will stop you from sleeping at night and freaking out while you are watching it, this is not that film.
  11. The films you've seen, in 2017

    I haven't read the book either but I have seen the old mini series. I have seen many people state that this new version is both brilliant and terrifying, but for the most part I agree with Raylenth's review. I thought the kids were excellent and very entertaining, but for the most part, the horror was poor and the use of cgi took me out of it on many occasions.
  12. 2017 is Dave Prowse last year of appearancea

    Won't be the same without him
  13. Guest Suggestions

    *cough* Kiefer Sutherland *cough*
  14. 2018 Anniversaries

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park was 1997. The first one was 1993.
  15. Latest Guest Announcement - KEVIN SMITH

    The Fatman On Batman (Kevin's talk) from LFCC has been released on his Youtube channel