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  1. Afraid not. I'll be at LFCC though.
  2. Say hi to Ernie from me. I wish I was going
  3. There hasn't been an official statement from Showmasters yet about this but I expect there will be closer to the show once they have sorted everything with the venue
  4. It's still there and available from what I can see. It's partially hidden behind the Friday Photos banner on my computer (using Safari on a mac) so it might be completely hidden by whatever you're using. Have a try at refreshing the page or clearing your cache and try again.
  5. With SoA spokey dokeys!
  6. This was so low, it scared me, so I thought I'd give it a bump
  7. This was in desperate need of a bump
  8. My guess is that he will be no photos at all, but as has been said, you won't know for sure until the day.
  9. Really great guest! I've loved him in so many things.
  10. Good guest. I did enjoy the Ghost In The Shell film so he may well be added to my list.
  11. Shame, hope you manage to get him another time.
  12. It may well be an expensive night!
  13. Knowing what your like David I wouldn't be surprised if it's you who've guessed correctly, even though you know who they are!
  14. When ever we've had these clues in the past, it was always for the actual actor's name.
  15. As we know there is an 'E' in the name, it's neither!