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  1. This is never known until the day I'm afraid and can also change throughout the day depending on how busy guest is. I would agree that it is unlikely.
  2. Clashes happen unfortunately just due to the amount of guests and time available in the day. SM do their best not to clash two actors that are connected in any way so that people that may have both can do everything, but as far as I know Benedict and Conleth don't have any sort of connection, so I don't understand your comment that most people will have both? There are some people who will not buy any photoshoots before the schedule is released for reasons like this but then there is the chance that the shoots could sell out and they miss them entirely.
  3. deleted as threads merged.
  4. You've posted this in general chat so not everyone here is from London, but from round the UK, even the world! My advice to people is to check out the transport for London website https://tfl.gov.uk which will show you what tube lines are open etc or any engineering works. It has a very handy journey planner too to find the fastest routes to places.
  5. It will all be done automatically so you won't have to do anything.
  6. He ain't getting' on no plane, fool!
  7. Did he do it in his name or yours as there is an option when buying that he could have put your name in? If he did put your name in then you will be able to collect with your ID. If he didn't then you will need his ID in order to collect it.
  8. It's clearly mentioned in the list of what is included in the passes on the store. The passes are designed to guarantee certain packages, there is no mention of flexibility. As stated before the only shoots included in the Christopher Lloyd and Tom Wilson Diamond passes are the Tombstone ones, so they would not be classified as 'All' in any other shoot. The passes are not upgradable so if you want any of the other shoots, you will have to buy them on top of the pass.
  9. You can either go round and get your diamond passes first as they will be before tickets are scanned (but there will be a bag search to get through), then head over to the gold pass area. Or you could go to the gold pass entrance and go into the show, then go and collect your diamond passes later. It depends on when you need the diamond passes and what time you are getting there really. As you bought the tickets on your card, you should be able to collect all the passes, as I understand it.
  10. The Tom Wilson shoot that comes with the diamond pass is actually the Tombstone shoot in the Green Screen area at 15:05. The other Tom Wilson Shoot is a typo and should not have diamonds written in it. I believe the shoot included with the Christopher Lloyd diamond pass is also a shoot with the Tombstone which is straight after the Tom Wilson one at 15:20 in the same place. The colours are more for use in the office so you don't need to worry about them.
  11. I can imagine that's very painful for you.
  12. All they have to do is make sure that the doors get opened on time for Golds, then could go do whatever else they need to. I trust the Red shirts know a bit more than the blue. No offence to blues, they do a great job and the events couldn't happen without them, but all red shirts are seasoned pros, and the amount of money people are spending on the Gold passes, I don't think it's too much to ask!
  13. Cant't rally give you an exact time of when to get there as it depends how it all goes on the day, but as long as you are there before the end of the shoot at 6PM you will get yours photo. Maybe keep checking where they are up to from time to time and just leave again if they are no where near your number?
  14. Gold pass entry has always gone soothly the times I've seen Jason at the gold entrance. Just saying